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WTF! Wednesdays: School Employee Fakes Her Daughters Death, Read on to Find Out Why...

This story was published online this past Saturday but I had to hold it for WTF! Wednesdays

According to the Daily News, a school employee faked her daughters death and forged a death certificate just to get an extra work vacation to go to Costa Rica.

"A city school employee scammed a week off for a Costa Rica vacation by staging the mother of all hoaxes — convincing her bosses she couldn’t work because her daughter had died.
Joan Barnett, a parent coordinator at the Manhattan High School of Hospitality Management, was so determined to make the spring break jaunt that she:
* Had one of her daughters call the school to say that her sister had suffered a heart attack in Costa Rica.
* Had another daughter call the school later that day to say that the sister had died and that about a dozen relatives, including Barnett, were traveling to the country for a funeral.
* Faxed a forged death certificate of her daughter “Xinia Daley Herman” to school as proof of the death. The document is required if a city school employee asks for bereavement days.
Thanks to the scam, Barnett, 58, was able to spend 21/2 weeks in March 2010 — including her school-sanctioned spring break — in the tropical paradise, city investigators said."
To sum the ending of this story up and according to the Daily News, one of the school officials grew suspicious of the death certificate. When confronted with forgery, the mother still denied the story and even submitted another fake certificate, still trying to prove her daughter had died. The mother eventually got fired and also pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor over the forgery.

Damn shame! 

Are people this desperate for vacations? Why would someone even lie about a person dying when they are still very much alive? Especially their own daughter! Not cool at all.


  1. LOL! This is so hilarious. Like if life is THAT hard to fake a death, you need to retire or find a less serious job. God forbid anything really happens to her daughter.


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