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'The Game' Season 5 Premiere Full Recap

The opening scene of The Game starts off with Melanie confessing to Derwin that she had an abortion; Tasha, Malik, his bodyguard and Tee Tee were standing over Jenna's body, she's laid out on the ground in lingerie and Tasha is saying Jenna is dead; and Jason is talking about Mexico, somebody kidnapping him and then he see's a wedding ring on his finger and says, "when in the hell did I get married?"

Woah that was a lot to start off with! So I decided to go through and recap each story separately until the end when it all comes together and wraps up.

So now rewind 12 hours earlier...

Derwin and Melanie are leaving the hospital, picking right back up where season 4 left off. Derwin is upset over Melanie for killing "their" baby. 

Melanie goes outside the hospital and starts talking to herself only to run into McHottie. You gotta remember him. The doctor she used to bang all over the place during the same time her and Derwin were going through problems and were just getting back together.

"No offense but you are the last person I need to see right now," Melanie said to McHottie. 

Derwin walks over and has an awkward moment and a brief exchange of words with Dr. McHottie.

"Wow really Melanie, is anymore of your past going to come back and haunt us today?" Derwin said.

Back at the house, Melanie tries to avoid talking about her past. Derwin apologizes to Melanie and says he is sorry for letting her go through the abortion alone, thinking the baby is it?

With the look on Melanie's face we can kind of figure out it wasn't Derwin's baby. 

The two later go out for a walk around "Saber Country" and who do they run into next? The one and only Trey Wiggs who is now married with a family. The same Trey who could have also been the father of Melanie's aborted baby...we don't know for sure yet. 

Derwin seems like he's cool with Trey now and then randomly invites Trey and his family to his son, DJ's birthday party which Melanie is planning at their house.

When they get home, Derwin starts clowing all of Melanie's exes and Melanie asked Derwin, how did he ever find out about McHottie in the first place (that was a cliffhanger) but he said that is his little secret. 

"What's done in the dark will come to the light," Derwin said.

Even I wanna know who told him.

A guilty Melanie confesses to Derwin that she got the abortion after she slept with Trey. Derwin flips out and Melanie tries to explain that it was during the time when they weren't together and after Derwin cheated on her and slept with Drew Sidora. Melanie said she's done with all the lies now.

"If you haven't cheated on me with Drew Sidora it would have never happened," Melanie said.

Derwin yells out that she still killed a baby. Melanie just wants Derwin to get over it and says she wants to move on, she never wanted Derwin to know. Derwin is mad because he feels like Melanie won't be able to have his baby anymore since she had an abortion. Then he leaves the house.

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The next morning, Melanie wakes up and Derwin is not next to her in the bed. But, he shows up later on and helps Melanie decorate the birthday party for DJ as if he never left the house.

Melanie said sometimes she forgets what she did but she didn't want to lose Derwin and he said he wouldn't have been able to be with her if she had Trey's baby. Melanie said it is the same situation she's dealing with, Derwin having a baby by Janay.                                                                       

Jason wakes up in the bed with some girl named Gloria, a press conference friend and he's still cheap and funny as ever.

Later on, he goes to the bar and we're now introduced to Chardonnay (Brandy) the sassy bartender who puts cocky Jason in his place.

Jason tells her, "Respect the hand that pays for your bus pass woman and get me a beverage." <<<< Okay this line really cracked me up!

Chardonnay kicks Jason out but Jason being Jason, talks to the manager to straighten things out. Chardonnay must not know, she's dealing with Mr. Pitts.

Later on, Jason walks around town and runs into his daughter Britany who is lip locking with a Swedish guy. 

"Do I need to send you back to auntie Tasha's for a fresh whoopin' with a switch and some Good Time reruns," Jason says to her.

After threatening Brittany and her guy, Jason asked Brittany how many of her boyfriends have been black. She answers, "you know how we do." Jason tells her she didn't get that from him because he has dated black people, like Camille.

Afterwards, as Jason is driving around, he drives past Chardonnay who is sitting at the bus stop in the rain. He stops to apologize because he feels bad for getting her fired earlier.

"You seem like a baby back rib kind of girl, how about I take you to Chilli's," Jason tells her. 

In the next scene, we see him waking up off the floor in Mexico, like we saw in the beginning. Jason see's the ring on his finger and Chardonnay walks out of the bathroom and says, "good morning husband."

Jason got a quickie wedding in Mexico with his exact opposite!

Where the hell am I?

Chardonnay said her and Jason both got really drunk and he kept trying to prove how much he loved black women. When Chardonnay said prove it, a drunk Jason married her and proved it alright.

Chardonnay said the marriage was a joke and said she would never marry him. In fact, she wants an annulment. She calls Jason out and tells him he doesn't like the fact that he's black. Jason opens up to Chardonnay and explains his background with white and black women. He said he can't change his experience but maybe he can be more open minded in the future.

Malik tries to help Jenna snap back to reality because she's clearly on some type of drugs but then Jenna vanishes. Some woman comes to Malik's house and says Jenna owes her money and she shows Tasha she's carrying a gun in her purse.

Tasha starts to think over her past decisions and she's regretting letting go of Derwin as a client and taking back Malik. 

Her, Malik, his bodyguard and Tee Tee go on a search in the woods looking for Jenna and Tasha thinks Malik should cut Jenna loose because she's a threat to his football career that he's trying to get back.

"If it wasn't for her I wouldn't have made it through rehab. She's seen me through my worse and she still loves me and now she's at her worse and I gotta be there for her," Malik tells his mom.

Tee Tee pulls Tasha aside and tells her that she needs to go back to Derwin. But Tasha insists that family comes first.

Malik yells out that he found Jenna and then we're back to where we started with all of them standing over her body thinking she's dead.

But, the woman who came to the house earlier, with the gun, saves Jenna by injecting her with a needle which wakes her up. 

Later on, Tasha decides to stick with managing Malik and he decides to take Jenna back to rehab.

Towards the end...

Malik and Jason, DJ's godfather's show up at his party and  with no Tasha, who is still beefing with Melanie and Derwin. 

Janay is also present at the party and Melanie stands in the background, off to the side as Derwin, his son and his baby's momma is taking a family photo. 

Derwin notices how hard it really must be for Melanie watching him, Janay and DJ knowing she didn't keep her baby. So they decide to make a pack to tell each other the truth from now on, no matter how bad it is and Derwin said he's over the abortion news.

When he walks outside to get more of DJ's presents in the car, the one and only Trey shows up by himself, since he was invited. His family couldn't make it. 

Derwin punches him in the face! Then, he returns back to the party and tells Melanie now he's really over it.

And that is the season 5, episode 1 wrap up.

My thoughts:

I think us fans get so hyped over just knowing The Game is back that many of us feel as if the premiere didn't live up to its hype, just like last season.

The Game Season 5 Premiere - More Soap Opera-ish (Fan Reactions)

I don't think last nights premiere was terrible. Yes, it was a tad bit over dramatic and it had a lot of randomness. Most of Malik's scenes was of him dragging Jenna's butt around and I really saw no point of showing him, Tasha or Tee Tee in this episode because to me their stories were pointless.

On the other hand, Jason's scenes and punchlines were hilarious! His role was the highlight of the premiere and I made sure to include some of his funny quotes in the recap.

That sassy daughter of his needs to be checked! Brittany is a hot mess now. I also like the addition of Chardonnay and I can't wait to see more of her and Jason together.

It was nice to see McHottie and Trey again, I was waiting for Jerome to come around too, but that didn't happen. I'm glad Melanie told Derwin the truth and they got it all out, or maybe they didn't. This is one jacked up couple in love. And can we find Janay a man please.

And one more thing, Derwin had no right to walk out on Melanie when she wanted to talk. He started all of this by cheating on Melanie first, like she said AND they weren't even together when she hooked up with Trey. 

What did you think of last nights premiere of The Game? Will you continue to watch?

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  1. I genuinely thought that whoever came up with the idiotic idea of Melanie having an abortion was obviously high on something. Really, BET? Do the writers obviously have some kind of vendetta against her character that you're somehow hellbent on villifying her. I thought making her into a housewife instead of a doctor and having her take a DNA test of Derwin's son was bad enough but now you're making her into a child killer?
    First off, no matter how you cut it, abortion is murder straight out and unless Melanie was raped, there is no justification for what she did. Her reasons and excuse for this act was just selfish and quite evil. Her using the Drew Sidora thing to Derwin doesn't negate the fact that she willingly slept with Trey Wiggs as a rebound( An encounter she initiated by the way). Remember, Derwin got Janay pregnant but did he tell her to get rid of the baby despite his feeling for Melanie? No, he manned up and took care of his responsibilities regardless- Apparently Melanie on the other hand's love for Derwin is so important that other people who get caught up in their drama are of no consequence. Did she even think about how Trey would have felt about this? I am getting so sick of Melanie being portayed as this selfish brat who thinks that the world revolves around her and Derwin.
    Also, this whole thing just shows that none of the writers at BET have ever watched a Game episode a day in their life as this whole abortion thing was shoe-horned-There was never any indication that Melanie was ever pregnant around the time she and Derwin broke up and it was very out of character for her to do this unspeakable act.


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