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2012 Grammy Awards - Highlights, Winners & Performances

Music's biggest night came and went. Recap Below:

While Whitney Houston was on the minds of all the stars at the 54th Grammy Awards which aired last night, the show did go on. In Los Angeles at the Staples Center, performances kicked off with Bruce Springsteen and the E-Street band singing "We Take Care of Our Own."

VIDEO'S: (Bruno Mars, Katy Perry and Chris Brown Performances Below)

This years Grammy host, LL Cool J walked out and addressed the crowd saying, "we had a death in our family." 

He led the night in prayer for Whitney Houston as heads were bowed throughout the audience.

An iconic Grammy performance was then shared on the screens by none other than Whitney Houston singing "I Will Always Love You."

Continuing the night and celebrating with joy in the power of music, the show continued on with Bruno Mars doing his pop doo-wop, 50's rendition performance of "Runaway Baby."

His performance reminded me of Frankie Lymen and the Teenagers.

At one point, Bruno looked out into the crowd and said:

"Yo, tonight we're celebrating music, tonight we're celebrating the beautiful Whitney get up off your rich asses and lets have some fun ya'll."

Wow! Lol.

Alicia Keys and Bonnie Raitt perform a tribute to Etta James at the 2012 Grammy Awards

Alicia Keys and country singer Bonnie Raitt paid tribute for the late, great Etta James who also recently passed and they sung "Sunday Kind of Love."

"We Love you Etta! We love you Whitney! We'll never forget you," they both said in unison towards the end of the performance.

Chris Brown made his return to this years Grammy Awards show and he danced to his new song "Turn Up the Music" from his upcoming Fortune album. He then ended with a jumpy performance to "Beautiful People," which was very much lip-synced...but I still like you Chris!

**Why was I waiting for the camera to cut to Rihanna somewhere in the audience watching Chris Brown perform.

Kelly Clarkson and Jason Aldean did a duo performance to "Don't You Wanna Stay."

I just want to say I love Kelly Clarkson's voice and after her season - the first season of American Idol - I kinda stopped watching.

Rihanna performed, started off singing her club banger "We Found Love," dancing along with dozens of back-up dancers. 

Chris Martin from Coldplay came out and performed with Rihanna to "Princess of China."

This in turn led to Coldplay singing their current single "Paradise."

The Beach Boys were celebrated with performances from Maroon 5 singing "Surfer Girl," then Adam Levin introduced Foster the People who sang "Wouldn't It Be Nice."

The Beach Boys then took the stage themselves and sang "Good Vibrations."

22-time Grammy winner Stevie Wonder made an appearance, played his harmonica and said:

"I just want to say to Whitney up in heaven, we all love you Whitney Houston."

Katy Perry performed "Part of Me," her new break-up anthem song and also a small part of "ET."

"You chewed me up and spit me out, like I was poison in your mouth...," Katy sings in her new song.

Okay, this is clearly a direct message about her recent divorce from Russell Brand"You can keep the diamond fact you can keep everything..."

One of the most anticipated performances of the night was surely Adele's. And boy oh boy did she kill it! Adele sung "Rolling in the Deep" and received a standing ovation from the crowd afterwards. 

Watch Adele's performance HERE.

Saved towards the end of the show and keeping everyone waiting - was the Whitney Houston tribute. It was short but sweet as Jennifer Hudson sang a chilling performance of Whitney's Houston's biggest song, "I Will Always Love You." 

Watch Jennifer's performance HERE.

Chaka Khan was scheduled to pay tribute to Whitney as well, but she announced via twitter that she would not be performing at the Grammy's as she is still dealing with the loss:

 Chaka Khan 

As I grieve the loss of my friend and "little sister," I don’t feel it appropriate to perform at this time. Continue to pray for the family.

I did notice one thing. Right before Jennifer Hudson's performance, the Grammy's showed an in memoriam slideshow, but the slideshow left out Etta James and Don Cornelious' photos.

Many fans also caught this and tweeted about it. The Grammy's official Twitter account posted a response and said:


Re: Etta James tribute was by Bonnie Raitt &  at the top of the telecast &  gave special attn to Don Cornelius

Four time Grammy nominee Drake presented his YMCMB partner Nicki Minaj to the stage. Nicki's performance was entitled "The Exorcism of Roman."

Watch Nicki performing her new song "Roman's Holiday" HERE.

At the end of the Grammy's, music legend Diana Ross came out to present "Album of the Year" and Paul McCartney returned to the stage and closed out the show singing "Golden Slumbers," "Carry that Weight" and "The End."

***Winners List in Major Categories***

Best Pop Solo Performance
Winner: Adele "Someone Like You"

My Pick: I agree.

I love her accent! When Adele gave her acceptance speech for her first win of the night, she said her life changed when she wrote this song and she felt it before anyone ever heard it. She also thanked her doctor for bringing her voice back. 

Best Rap Performance
Winner: Jay-Z & Kanye West "Otis" - Who were not in the building by the way

My Pick: Since this category was based on performance, my pick is Chris Brown & Busta Rhymes "Look At Me Now"

Best R&B Album
Winner: Chris Brown F.A.M.E

Chris Brown thanked the Grammy's for allowing him to get on the stage and "do his thing."

My Pick: Well Chris Brown is the obvious choice here, I like Kelly Price too.

Song of the Year
Winner: Adele "Rolling in the Deep"

My Pick: I agree, I love Adele and this song.

Best New Artist
Winner: Bon Iver

This guy was so nervous! His acceptance speech was funny as he thanked the nominees in the category and also the non-nominees, in which he said will never be there. Lol.

My Pick: Nicki Minaj, I'm sure a lot of people were shocked that she didn't win this category.

Record the Year
Winner: Adele

My Pick: Although I love Adele, this was a tough choice, I also have Bruno Mars' and Katy Perry's albums. All good choices!

Album of the Year
Winner: Adele again!

An emotional Adele received this award and cried on stage as she thanked everyone.

My Pick: Rihanna's Loud. I really loved this album.