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'40 Greatest TRL Moments' Recap

The '40 Greatest TRL Moments' aired yesterday on VH1 with former VJ's and some comedians highlighting and examining the crazy, the wacky, the best and the fun moments from the Total Request Live show. And I highlighted some of those moments.

 Its been four years since TRL went off the air. This show had some of the craziest fans who would skip school, stand outside in any type of weather, hold up signs, and yell and scream outside of the studio.

Before MySpace, Twitter and Facebook, TRL was that vent for fans to connect with their favorite celebrities:

"It's 3:30 in the afternoon in 1998, do you remember where you were? If you were like millions of other kids across the

 country, you were in front of your TV, waiting to see if your favorite video, your star, your idol would finally capture the #1 spot. It's hard to believe Total Request Live is off the air, the hosts and those sign-carrying tweens on the street all gone. What better time than now to sit back and relive some of TRL's funniest, scandalous and 'OMG' moments on 40 Greatest TRL Moments. Hosted by your favorite MTV VJs from yesteryear, this isn't just a 'best of' compilation. It's a look back to a time when Carson Daly was Mr. MTV, when Britney and Justin were still an item, when being #1 on TRL mattered. Watch our comedians wax poetic and comic on the moments that defined the TRL era. Remember Liam Gallagher's non-interview? Or how P.Diddy (or Puffy, or Puff Daddy--whatever!) just never seemed to go home? Or when Mariah Carey gave Carson, and all of America, a show they'll never forget?They're here, along with some of the funniest skits, most awkward interviews and grandiose live performances from the TRL decade. TRL's days of counting down the hits may be over, but there's still one last countdown to be done: the 40 Greatest TRL Moments.."

Former TRL VJ's, La La Anthony and Damien Fahey went back in time and hosted the two hour show.

Can you guess which moment is number one?

Starting off with #40 was Heidi Montag's freestyle rap and Nelly came out to judge her. She was like "yo, yo" and then giggled, lol. "You got Apple's Bottoms, what, you know what's going up..." and Nelly was just a grinnin' because Heidi's freestyle sucked.

I was cracking up when the comedians would pop in and crack jokes throughout the different moments, like when Lindsay Lohan made it on the countdown:

#38 Lindsay's Message after her breakup
Lindsay wore a shirt that read "you were never my boyfriend."

"Aww this is when Lindsay used to wear a bra and she wasn't in court everyday and she actually did interviews and worked."

#35 Avril Lavigne was dared to kiss someone for 100 dollars. Avril said she couldn't kiss anyone on the mouth but instead she kissed a random persons foot, a girl who was sitting in the audience. She picked the foot, out of all body parts! One of the comedians cracked on her and said, this goes to show you album sells aren't doing too well.

#29 Diddy was one of TRL's most frequent guest being that his office was right down the street. He appeared on the show 38 times!

And being Diddy, he always promoted his artists or product.

Diddy ran for the New York City marathon one year and he came to TRL and ran on a treadmill throughout the entire episode.

Britney Spears was also there wiping sweat off Diddy's forehead with a towel.

#21 Madonna
Carson Daly gets ready to introduce a Christina Alguilera video and Madonna said, "yea he knows a lot about Christina" and she gives Carson a wink. Madonna also said she never watched TRL...was that a diss? 

 #18 Shannen Doherty is a no show leaving an angry Carson promoting her new show by himself.

"She's in this new televison show called Charm, it's about witches...seems fitting," Carson said, and he continued to carry on the interview by himself.

Yea, he was pissed that she was a no show.

#15 The awkward moment between Prince and Carson as they're talking about pop music.

"Prince looked like Lisa Bonet with a beard!"

#14 N'Sync TRL Virgins

Aww, N'Sync's first time performing on the show and a young Justin had the blonde curly hair! And, Chris had the pom pom looking blonde braids.

"One guy they shouldn't have let solo was Justin Timberlake...he took one solo and was like see ya b*tches!"

# 12 Jimmy Fallon imitates Carson, calls him a massive tool and playfully yells at the TRL audience to shutup, LOL.

#10 Da Brat's nipple slip
Da Brat came on the show rocking an oversized denim jacket and she opened the jacket revealing a see-through bra.

The audience saw nipple and Da Brat said she forgot she was wearing a sheer bra.

"Ya'll seen a couple of tig ol' bitties now and then...I'm sorry," she said.

Some don't think this was an accident but back in 2000 nipple slips weren't that big of a deal anyway.

#3  In 2008 Usher fired his manager, his mom and rumors were swirling around that Tameka was the reason he fired his mom. Rumors also spread that he was splitting up with his now-ex-wife Tameka Foster. 

How did Usher handle all the gossip? He took over the mic and went on a rant about people talking trash, leaving the TRL host with nothing to say.

#2 Mariah Carey dropped in the TRL studio with an ice cream truck wearing heels and an over-sized t-shirt which she stripped off in front of an uncomfortable Carson.

And the #1 moment was nonetheless, TRL's final show in 2008. This turned out to be one big party reuniting the different hosts and all the celebrities who came throughout the year. And, Kid Rock and Snoop Dogg passed a "cigar" around.

Oh, it was nice reliving those TRL days.

What was your favorite TRL Moment? Did you ever go on the show or stand outside in the crowd? 

Be on the look out for VH1's "100 Greatest Women In Music." The five night countdown starts Feb. 13th, I'll be blogging about that as well.