Monday, February 6, 2012

Amber Rose, Antoine Dodson New Music - Stop Singing!

I ran out of time earlier during the celeb news & gossip segment on my radio show "Kickin' it with La La" so here are the two videos that I didn't have a chance to roast on the show.

Below are two people who I think need to cut out singing all together; Amber Rose and Antoine Dodson.

Amber Rose has this new pop-like song out called "Loaded" and in the song she sings, You think I need a man for that? Please…I’m loaded." 

The beat is similar to LMFAO’s “Sexy and I Know It” and Amber sounds like Kesha.

The next song comes from the dude who got his five seconds of fame from appearing on a news channel a couple of years ago and people remixed what he said, “hide ya kids, hide ya wife” into a song. 

Now this dude ... Antoine Dodson is back and singing on an auto-tuned track called “Lovesick Lullaby."

Listen below to both songs and judge them for yourself:

What do you think? Are these songs hot?


  1. Ok so you are right, Amber does sound like Ke$ha and I hate her song. Love Ke$ha tho lol. And ummm Antoine's song is actually good, I just can't WATCH the video because I can't take him serious lol. I like that Brent Morgan dude too.

    1. he's all the way out auto-tuned..not feeling either of these songs lol or can take any of them seriously as an artist

    2. Lol well I don't know what auto-tuned means so maybe thats why I dont see it.

    3. Auto-tuned = T Pain's music lol


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