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Basketball Wives: Suzie Disses Kenya's Online Videos and Evelyn & Chad Discuss the Infidelity Rumors

I missed blogging about last weeks season 4 premiere episode, but a couple of things stood out:

1) Evelyn is mad at Jennifer over blog posts, posts that Jennifer said her publicist wrote...Evelyn it isn't that serious, so get over it!

2) We also were introduced to two new chicks; Kenya and Kesha and so far they're boring to me.

Episode 2 Recap

On this weeks episode and after the argument with Jennifer, Evelyn meets up with Shaunie and Tami. Evelyn said she would have regretted punching Jennifer in the face during their argument, but she thinks Jennifer should have handled things differently. The ladies say Jennifer has changed and she's more outspoken now.

Suzie and Jennifer meet up and get manicures. They both talk about Evelyn and they don't understand why she's so mad.

Jennifer's interview on Power 105.1

In the blog, Jennifer said none of the ladies date the same type of people and she said that may be what Evelyn is mad over. 

"Listen I'm not in high school, okay, like I don't care who you date or vice versa. I'm worried about my own vagina not yours," Jennifer said about Evelyn.

She said Evelyn should have talked to her in a better way and shouldn't have threatened to punch her in the face,

"How old are you? Don't you have a daughter? Is that the type of example you're setting. You're gonna punch me in my face over a blog?"

Jennifer said she is eliminating all of the drama from her life. She said she's over Evelyn and can't ever see them being BFF's again.

Later on, Jennifer and Suzie discuss the two new ladies. Jennifer doesn't like that Kenya called her buji in last weeks episode. 

They decide to do an online search on Kenya and they come across some of her YouTube videos.

"Kenya making a video like that at her age is just off, someone needs to tell her that's not cute," Suzie said.

Suzie and Royce meet up with Kenya and Kesha later on. Suzie is unsure of Royce's friends and bringing these new chicks into their group. 

Suzie tells Kenya her videos are weird.

"What is the point of putting stuff on YouTube in your thirties?" Suzie asked Kenya.

Kenya feels offended and thinks Suzie is too much into her business. 

Kenya is in the process of making her first music video and Kesha is worried for her. Kesha said she doesn't want to extend herself to Kenya if her video is only going to be mediocre.  

Suzie meets up with Evelyn to discuss the new "basketball wives." Evelyn said she can't wait to meet the "YouTube" girl and Suzie said, "It's like going to watch the circus, go to have a good laugh."

Royce meets up with her publicist and she's looking to advance her career. She auditions later on and winds up getting a part in the Platanos and Collard Greens play in New York. 

Evelyn discuses her wedding plans and said she only wants positive people in attendance, this doesn't include Jennifer. Evelyn doesn't stick with the traditional wedding plans; she doesn't want bridesmaides and she's unsure if her father will walk her down the isle. 

Marrying an athlete and being in the limelight comes with a lot of drama that Evelyn is already preparing herself for. Her and Chad discuss infidelity issues and Evelyn brings up the cheating rumors that have been spreading around on numerous blogs. 

Episode 2 Sneak Peek"You need to get it together. I want you to tighten up, you're about to get married in six months," Evelyn says to Chad.

Evelyn said everyone else wants them to fail and she really wants her relationship to work out. She wants Chad to keep it real with her and she wants him let her know if he's seeing other women. 

Chad said being committed to one person for a long period of time will be something new to him. 

Do you think these two will be in a long-term relationship? What did you think of this weeks episode? 


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