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Bad Girls Club: Elease Warms Up to Most of the Girls and Gets Her Revenge on The Twins

Episode 6: Bed Bathing Suit And Beyond

This week The Twins notice Elease is forming a bond with the other girls in the house and they figure out it may soon be them versus everyone else.

But at least The Twins have each others back, right?

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Gia and Erica decide to buy Elease a new mattress after they helped destroy the old one.

"I feel good going out and doing something nice. We feel like what's right is right and what's wrong is wrong and at least every human being deserves to sleep on a real bed," Erica said.

Drama starts as soon as The Twins spot the new mattress that Gia and Erica took time out to get.

"Erica and Gia are the fakest b*tches," Gabi yells out.

Erica says Gabi doesn't want it with her because she's not afraid to hit her and go home. 

"It's so funny how the tables have turned with the twins...," Elease said.

The bad girls decide to get tatted up. The Twins take extra long to get ready and this is done on purpose so the rest of the girls can leave them behind.

They move along with their plan to drag Elease's new mattress out to the yard and they decorate it with random condiments and eggs.

Erica feels like something is up with The Twins but she just doesn't know what.

The Twins show up to the tattoo parlor for a little bit, they don't get tattoos but then they leave the place with Amy.

Once everyone returns home they notice Elease's mattress is missing with a note that reads: "Finders keepers losers weepers, go find your mattress biatch!"

The Twins said, "Don't f*ck with us cuz we will win."

The other girls start to look at Amy sideways, thinking since she left with The Twins early, she had something to do with destroying the mattress.

Erica feels like she wasted her afternoon shopping for the mattress and she also said she wants nothing to do with The Twins anymore. 

Later on, Gia, Demetria, Erica and Elease go out to party to get over the drama, leaving The Twins and a pissed off Amy at home.

While they're  out, Gia flirts with the DJ at the club; DJ Matt. 

"I want to fondle and do some humping, some nasty sh*t," Gia said.

Gia invites Matt to the house and she gets extremely drunk before he even shows up. She continues drinking while Matt is around and then she starts looking sloppy.

"I think Gia is making a fool of herself, who wants to deal with a psycho who can't handle their liquor," Demetria said.

Later on, Matt decides to leave and says Gia needs to sober up. As he's trying to leave the house, a drunk Gia runs downstairs and starts pushing and swinging at Matt. She screams out that Matt is playing with her emotions.

Gia gets pissed when she hears Matt wants to leave. The girls block Gia from attacking him even more and they send Matt home.

Some of the girls get mad at Amy for doing shots with Gia. They said Amy helped Gia get extremely drunk. Amy said Gia is grown and should know her drinking limits. Amy shouldn't have to babysit another grown person.

The next day, Gia doesn't even remember putting her hands on Matt. 

"This man might be a keeper if he could put up with me while being extremely intoxicated," Gia said.

Later on, Gia, Erica, Elease and Demetria go out shopping. The girls convince Elease to go bathing suit shopping and compete in a bikini contest to be a ring girl in a wrestling event. Dani is also competing in this competition and the girls want Elease to beat her.

Amy and The Twins decide to go out and do their own thing together. Amy is happy when both Gabi and Dani come out of their bubble and start having fun.

Later on and back at the house, Gia and Erica come across a pair of underwear in the hallway. They pick it up and fling it over the banister. The undies fall downstairs and Amy picks them up. She storms upstairs and yells at Gia and Erica, thinking they went through her clothes.

"We are not the coochie crooks, we don't go through panties, that is weird and disgusting," Gia said.

Amy said whoever did it is a coward for not confessing to her face. She said she feels very alone in the house and can't trust any of the girls.

Gia calls up her potential boo, DJ Matt and she apologized for putting her hands on him. Gia said she likes Matt and she thinks he really wants to get to know her. 

Matt said Gia didn't scare him away and he's actually not mad at her. So there may be future hookups between these two.

As the girls are getting ready to attend the bikini contest, Dani starts to feel a little uncomfortable with her body. She said she gained weight and doesn't think she'll look too good in a bikini, so she dresses it up with lingerie to cover her stomach.

Gia and Amy also compete in the bikini competition. The girls strut around and shake their goodies and the top three picks come down to Amy, Elease and Dani. Amy wins second place and Elease wins first place beating out Dani.

"It feels good to win this competition but it feels even better to squash Dani's dreams," Elease said.

Later on during the wrestling match, Elease walks around the wrestling ring as one of the ring girls and Erica cheers her on. The Twins sit back and watch, they think it's only a matter of time before the rest of the girls gang up on Elease.

"Elease you might have won this little competition between us, but don't get too comfortable in this house," Dani said.

Next week the girls go away on a vacation where drama is sure to follow.