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Battle of the Exes Recap: Feelings Start to Play Out in the Game & Another Team is Disqualified

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Episode 3: "Where Did Our Love Go?"

Couple Drama
The Challenge
Elimination Round

Couple Drama

After last weeks shocking disqualification - not so much on Vinny's part but the fact that since Sarah was his partner, she had to go home too - this week follows up with another one!

There's a lot of goofing around that goes on in the house. Well, Dustin winds up running around by the pool area, ran up the stairs and he busted his knee open.

Dustin had to go to the hospital, get stitches and wait a week for his knee to heal.

Heather nurses Dustin's injured kneecap before the pair get sent home.

Abram is in a funk. His insecurities in his relationship with Cara Maria start to get the best of him. He also starts distancing himself from the rest of the people in the house.

Abram and Cara Maria discuss their relationship.

"Why should I be so stoked and happy and jovial with people that are gonna f*ck me over in a couple of days?" he asked Cara Maria

Abram feels like their is no communication between him and Cara Maria. He said she is a different type of love and Abram doesn't understand how he's supposed to be in love with someone who is always keeping him at a distance.

"...the good is so, so good with him and the bad is just awful," Cara Maria said. "I care about him but I don't know how I can go through these extremes."

The Challenge

This week, the teams play "Mental Connection." 

But, before everyone can start TJ informs Dustin that under doctors orders he can't take apart in this weeks game and he had to go home since he has a busted up knee and an open wound.

Since Dustin is medically unable to continue and Heather has no more exes - being this is "Battle of the Exes" -  TJ said Heather had to go home too.

"It just sucks when you have a good thing going and you make a strong team and you don't get to live up to your full potential," Heather said.

During the challenge, two teams competed against each other, laid on boards that were suspended high in the air and over water. TJ  asked both teams a series of questions from various categories (e.g. spelling, Challenge history, pop culture, etc). 

Every question correctly answered equaled one point but, if someone answered a question wrong, they got launched off of the platform and into the water and also out of the game. When each person on that team got launched into the water then their round was over.

Paula and Dunbar rock the Mental Connection challenge, and become this week's Power Couple.

Some people didn't take the launch into the water too good. Anessa slapped the water very hard and winded up biting her lip and bleeding. 

Aneesa gets a few stitches in her mouth after landing face first during the challenge.

She gets taken away to get her lip stitched up and had to sit out the rest of the game, leaving her partner Rachel to answer all the questions by herself. Rachel does good playing alone and ties with Paula & Dunbar with the most points.

Two teams tied in scoring the lowest points Leroy & Naomi and Abram & Cara Maria. After a final match-up of questions to see which team goes straight into the Dome, Naomi gets launched right into the water after not knowing what a female fox is and Leroy followed right after her. 

The two teams with the highest points; Rachel & Anessa and Dunbar & Paula went head to head in a final round to win "Power Couple." Rachel had to take on Dunbar & Paula by herself and winded up falling short in points.

Elimination Round

This weeks "Power Couple" Paula & Dunbar have their eyes set on the strong team Ty & Emily. 

They also talk to Abram & Cara Maria being they were the second to last team to win the challenge. Cara Maria states her case to save her team from the elimination round and she makes a good point to Paula. She points out that Emily is a strong female, so does Paula really want to go head to head with her during the final?

"I like Emily but she has the strength of half the men in this house...," Cara Maria said.

On that thought, Paula & Dunbar send in Ty & Emily to the Dome to battle it out with Leroy & Naomi. 

"I think Paula is a dumb b*tch, why would she pair off Emily with me? She's like 6'5 and I'm 5 feet, that's not even fair," Naomi said.

Leroy said he gets off by going against tough competitors but he does have his partner Naomi who is psyching herself out right before the game even started.

TJ stands with the two bottom couples before they face each other in The Dome.

During the elimination round, both teams played "Banded Together" where each team was connected to their partner by a rubber band that was also wrapped around a pole at one end of the Dome. 

Both teams had to race to the other end of the Dome and hold on to a pole for five seconds to win. Sounds easy? 

Well, being that it's a rubber band holding them together, the further one team mate went, the rubber band naturally pulled the other person further away making it way more difficult. So this challenge was a bit of a struggle. 

Leroy decided to use a method in letting Naomi dig her way across first, being that she is the lighter team mate, this would use the least amount of resistance and then he would crawl to the end. 

Naomi struggles to pull Leroy all the way, and the couple comes up short.

But, Naomi couldn't get to the other end fast enough and Ty & Emily grabbed unto the pole first and won.

Emily and Ty "band together" in The Dome.

Now that Emily & Ty have returned to the game, Emily said Paula was scared and that's why she got sent in.

"You know what's done is done but that was the stupidest move you could have ever done, there's no way I'm gonna forget that," Emily said.

Paula said, "Emily has a very good memory so I'll doubt she'll ever forget this. If Emily wants me to make her breakfast, if Emily needs a massage I am there, I'll do whatever it takes because they're coming back for me."

Lol. What an a** kisser.