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Battle of the Exes Recap: One Team is Disqualified From the Game & an Unexpected Veteran is Eliminated!

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Episode 2: What's Love Got To Do With It?

Couple Drama
The Challenge
Elimination Round

Couple Drama
This week starts of with Wes still having the hots for Mandi. He reveals that he dropped the ball and another guy picked it up because Mandi has a boyfriend now. Mandi said Wes isn't ready for a monogamous relationship and said she would never hook up with him again.

"The theme of the show is battle of the exes, there is some really awkward stuff that might come up and I would love to watch it," Wes said.

Wes expresses his true feelings for Mandy, but the sentiment doesn't go both ways.

Sarah explains her and Vinny's short history from Fresh Meat II and said they didn't blossom into the greatest love story because, "he's got an IQ that is less than what I can count on my hand."

The Challenge: Battle of the Exes - Premiere Full Recap

Naomi believes Leroy still has emotional feelings for her and she's marking Leroy as her territory. She then talks to Jasmine who starts going on a rant on how much she can't stand Tyree. 

Tyree overheard Jasmine and yells back, "I'm trying to get my money, I'm not worried about your stinkin' booty a** you really want to get loud with me motherf*cker...I've lost respect for you, I've lost friendship for you..." 

After b*tch this and b*tch that, Jasmine goes in to attack Tyree and hits him. Tyree said he does not want to hook up with Jasmine and she needs to get over herself. 

Will these two be able to work together until the end?

Challenge: "Hook Up"

The couples had to jump across on two giant platforms, using giant metal hooks, swinging from beam to beam together to the finish line. 

Last weeks power couple, Johnny & Camilia picked this weeks order and decided to send up Wes & Mandi against Dustin & Heather in the first round.

"Wes is obviously going first because we want to make the chance of him winning less as possible," Johnny said.

The only couple to complete this entire challenge was Johnny & Camilia. Vinny & Sarah wind up getting 2nd place with good timing. 

Both couples compete in a final round to win the "Power Couple" title this week and Vinny & Sarah win, beating out Johnny & Camilia to the end.

Vinny and Sarah compete in the final round of the Hook Up Challenge.

After the win Paula jokingly said, "Vinny is really surprising me, maybe I should be eating more lasagna too," 

"I never ever been in a position of power, ever on these challenges. And it feels so nice not to have to worry and not to have to bite my nails off on whether I have to go home and now I get to chill," Sarah said.

Vinny's ego gets huge after the win and he said, "I can't wait to see when these girls really kiss my a** and I can't wait to put them in their place."

The Elimination Round & More Drama
Leroy & Naomi were dead last in this weeks challenge, with the slowest time and not advancing far enough on the beams, so they're up automatically for elimination.

Vinny & Sarah are torn when it comes to choosing a team to put in the Dome. Sarah wants to play fair and thinks it'll be good to send in Jasmine & Tyree because of their drama. Sarah thinks it changes the mood in the house when explosive couples stir up controversy.

"Yes we've gotten into some fights here and for her to sit here and say it's a hazard to the house...everyone is a hazard to the house," Jasmine said.

Wes & Mandi are also up on the chopping block because Vinny remembers when Wes put him and Sarah up for elimiantion on Fresh Meat II and Vinny is still holding on to that grudge against him.

"This will teach you a lesson on who to hook up with in the past Mandy because look what you did to yourself," Vinny said. 

"Vinny and Sarah have this vendetta against me, like every other team I've sent at least one of them home, I've beat them in everything, in this game and in life and I don't blame them," Wes said.

Before elimination day everyone heads out to the club to have some fun.

"We're not a very well behaved group and I'm just praying nobody gets into trouble tonight," Sarah said.

Aneesa and Leroy get hot on the dance floor and as they're dancing and grinding, Naomi see's them and her jealousy takes over. She pulls Leroy to the side and has a talk with him. Naomi doesn't want any girl in the house talking to Leroy or hooking up with him.

As Vinny is chugging back drinks and celebrating his win, he rips off Mandi's little club shirt. What is his excuse? He said she didn't have a top on! In Vinny's mind it was all a joke. 

"I'm humiliated, 30 or 40 people just saw my naked boobs," Mandi said.

The next day, as "Power Couple" Vinny & Sarah have to make a decision on which couple they picked to face elimination.

Vinny starts talking crap and said he is voting the "ugliest male and female couple" and says it is Wes and Mandi. He also said Wes plays the game like an idiot.

Wes defends Mandi and asked Vinny what would a guy do if someone ripped his mother or girlfriend's top off and Vinny responded "nothing." 

Wes said that's good to know. He said if Vinny did that outside the house he would've beaten him up.

In the end, it comes to no surprise that Wes & Mandi are chosen to compete in the elimination round.

TJ comes back shortly afterward the Power Couple makes their decision and said he became aware of the club incident. 

He tells Vinny that he has to leave the challenge because they don't tolerate any type of behavior like that. Then, TJ tells Sarah even though she had no part in Vinny's action and since Vinny is her partner, she has to leave too!

Sarah is devastated after Vinny's dumb decision gets her into hot water.Wow, Sarah didn't do anything and she gets disqualified from the game. And they were just safe from elimination. 

Vinny didn't even say sorry to Sarah for getting her disqualified.

"I have nothing to say to her, she's probably pissed at me," he said.

The rest of the cast consoles a tearful Sarah and say their goodbye's.

But, just because Vinny & Sarah were sent home doesn't mean there won't be an elimination. Wes & Mandi and Leroy & Mandi meet up in the Dome.

The teams played "X-Battle" guys vs. guys and girls vs. girls where they had to rip an 'X' metal pole out of their opponents hands two out of three times to win. During the guys battle, Leroy beats Wes both times. During the girls' battle, Mandi beats Naomi both times. 

Mandy and Naomi fight to stay in the game.

Now both teams are tied. TJ flips a coin to see if the girls or guys will battle in the sudden death round. 

Leroy and Wes fight hard in The Dome.

The boys battle it out one more time for one last final round. Wes pulls out all stunts and tries to find it within him to beat Leroy. But in the end, it wasn't Wes' day. Leroy was the stronger competitor and he won, beating out veteran Wes! What a shocker! 

"...The toughest thing in this whole part is I feel like I let my friend down," Wes said.

This is the earliest Wes has ever gone home in a Challenge. Usually, he's plotting and scheming his way and forming alliances to the finals.

"It feels so good to send Wes home, now I feel like I made my mark in Challenge history," Leroy said.

***What are your thoughts on this weeks episode?

That really sucked for Sarah, I don't think she deserved to get sent home. Vinny is a douchebag and didn't even say sorry! I really thought Sarah was going to hit him. 

I'm also thinking of reasons why they sent her home: 1) they couldn't get someone to fly out to be Sarah's replacement partner or 2) since this is "Battle of the Exes" there was no one else she hooked up with or had a relationship with to be her replacement partner??