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Diddy Releases Dawn Richards From Bad Boy Records

And here goes another wonderful talented artist released from Bad Boy...

So Diddy released Dawn Richards - former Danity Kane member and she also made up 1/3 of Dirty Money - from Bad Boy.

Dawn seemed cool with it when she did an interview with Bossip. <<< Listen in at the 1:53 mark.

Diddy has been very supportive of my journey. He (actually recently) let me go from Bad Boy. And he didn’t have to do that. He could have just been how everyone accuses him of being (and kept me bound by contract). There’s no drama. It was a business decision and one made amicably. And I thank him for that."

Well it sounds like it was her wishes to leave Bad Boy to pursue a solo career. 
She now has a new single out called "Change" from her upcoming project set to be released in March. Back in January I posted about new video "SMFU" off the album.

I still say, go to Bad Boy Records, live the dream and then get kicked to the curb ...should be the Bad Boy Records mission statement.