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The Game: Melanie Tries to Smooth Things Over with Tasha, Malik and Derwin are in For a Surprise with the Sabers Owner

Episode 6: "The Tricks Episode"

We're seeing more football action on this season of The Game...

Malik does an interview with Star Jones, discussing his financial matters and his comeback football career.

"Why does one man need 20 bathrooms? You only have one pee pee, unless of course it's something you like to share," Star asked Malik.

Malik said the loss of his house has been a blessing and Tasha assures Star that Malik will be playing on the field soon.

Back at home watching Malik's interview is Melanie and Derwin. Melanie booes Tasha and cracks on her and Malik, Derwin joins in and backs her up. 

Malik calls Derwin after his interview but Melanie doesn't know these two made up. Derwin has to hide from her that him and Malik are talking now.

Later, Malik, Derwin and Tee Tee are hanging out on the Sabers field in the stands. Malik proves he's still got it, and throws a football from the stands all the way to the field, aiming for a barrel and nails it.

Tee Tee recorded Malik's long throw and uploads the video on You Tube. This in turn starts attracting a lot of viewers. A lot of Malik's fans start commenting and saying things like Malik still has it. 

Derwin thinks the video will help bring Malik's career back.

"...I smashed the team owners wife, I'm never getting back on the field," Malik said.

Derwin assures Malik that he'll be playing soon and says the new quarterback Quan is the reason why they've been loosing a lot of games lately.

Malik jokes and says Quan isn't even a quarterback, he looks more like a R&B singer. Tee Tee calls Quan Trey Wrongz.

"I choke...I choke...girl I choke on these...," the boys start singing.

In walks Melanie and she can't believe that Derwin is hanging out with Malik. Malik lets her know whatever beef she has with his mother is between those two and they need to fix it.

Melanie blames Derwin for the reason her and Tasha aren't talking anymore. She said if it wasn't for doing Derwin's "dirty work" then her and Tasha would be talking. But, Derwin said he never told Melanie to take things personal and fire Tasha.

Derwin admits that he is using Malik but says this is how they both find they're way back to real friendship. 

Later on, Tasha see's the You Tube video that Tee Tee shot of Malik. She hears Derwin's voice in the background and at first she isn't happy with Malik and Derwin's budding friendship. 

Tasha calls up one of her business partners to make Malik's You Tube video go mega viral and to set up a new campaign for Malik to get him back on the right track.

Tee Tee later meets up with Melanie at a bar but he has things all wrong when he thinks Melanie wants to finally sleep with him. Tee Tee has been after Melanie since she had to live with Tasha during her and Derwin's break up awhile ago.

Melanie tells Tee Tee she needs him and he said he needs her too. Melanie said Tee Tee has it all wrong and it's not like that.

"Isn't that why we're here? Why did you tell me to meet you in a low lit sexy bar?," Tee Tee said.

Melanie wants Tee Tee's help to make things right again with Tasha. 

He later sets the two ladies up to talk at a Saber game and sits in the middle of them. Melanie tells Tasha it's time to let bygones be bygones.

"Well heifer, bye bye, be gone," Tasha says back to her.

Melanie doesn't want to throw their friendship away over past mistakes. 

Tasha tells Tee Tee that every time Melanie had a moment where she could have made things right, she showed her a** off instead. Tasha tells Melanie she's only rolling with family till the day she dies. 

When Melanie tells Tasha the both of them are family, Tasha cuts her off and says, "You ain't got no family, you can't have no family and you ain't even 'bout no family feud..." and she marches out.

Tee Tee feels like he should choose a side and he tells Melanie he can't roll with her anymore, especially since Melanie is not "smashing."

Irv shows up after the Sabers' practice to coach Derwin. He tells him Malik is going to try and ride Derwin's coattails to make it back. Irv tells Derwin to keep his distance from the press to not risk his image.

Derwin ignores Irv's advice and tells the press that Malik is still an MVP quarterback and no one should doubt it.

After another Saber loss, Derwin is pissed and blames the loss on Quan. He tells Malik all Quan has to do is throw him the ball but instead he always runs up the field.

Irv tells Derwin to calm down and worry about his image so he doesn't lose his endorsements.

Derwin and Malik both get called up to the Saber's Owners office, Roger Keith. Irv and Tasha follow. 

A couple of jokes are thrown around about Malik smashing Roger's wife (Parker who was played by Meagan Good last season). Roger said Parker got nothing and he in fact moved on to another young thing. 

After a couple of laughs and giggles, Tasha tells Roger that Quan isn't ready but Malik is. But Roger is still bitter over Malik sleeping with his wife.

"You're saying a lot of good things but I still owe that bastard you call a son," he told Tasha.

In walks Quan who tells Roger that he has reporters bombarding him with questions over what Derwin is saying about Malik being the quarterback again.

"I wish everyone can see what a little punk you are," Quan said to Derwin.

Roger said he would like to win with both Derwin and Quan but says at the end of the day if he has to do it with one of them he chooses Quan since Derwin chose his side.

He makes things clear and said Malik is benched, Quan is his man and Derwin is on notice. And that's that.

Melanie waits to talk to Derwin outside in the parking lot but after the meeting Derwin doesn't want to talk about it and he takes off in his car. 

Melanie stands there by her car and see's Tee Tee and Tasha walking out.

"You probably shouldn't stand there and watch this moment that you can't be apart of, just get in your car and go," Tee Tee yells out to Melanie.

Melanie gets in her car and is left with no one but herself and she cries on the steering wheel.

What did you think of this episode? Do you feel bad for Melanie?