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Lakers & Knicks Game and Ashanti Sings National Anthem (Photos)

Hyped is what I was yesterday to go to my first ever basketball game! I saw my team, front and center - the Lakers - as they took on the Knicks at Madison Square Garden.

Ashanti started off the festivities and sung the National Anthem and I was blown away. A lot of people say this chick can't sing, but hearing her live - I think she can blow! (My photos didn't come out too bad - More pics below!)

I found this video of Ashanti singing online

Check out my game pics below - start to finish:
(Click on pics to enlarge photo)

Lakers practice warm-ups 
Paul Gasol 
Derek Fisher
Andrew Bynum

Jeremy Lin was a problem for LA last night
Sing it girl!

Lets goooo Lakers!!! Knicks fans were boo'ing hard of course
Game time!
Kobe Bryant
everytime this man touched the ball
Knicks fans boo'ed him 
Kobe's first free throw
D-Fish at the line

Jeremy Lin at the line

Lakers are losing, Kobe seems pissed

D-Fish - Halftime practice warm-ups

C'mon Kobe!!

Final score - Knicks win - ughhh!
Lakers had an off night, Kobe can't do it all
and Jeremy Lin won it for the Knicks, the kid is bad
Oh well.
Me and Carmelo Anthony chillin' after the game. Lol
Due to an injury he didn't play in last nights game

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