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SWV - New Video "Co-Sign"

SWV is back and doing it up with their 90's sound in their new video for "Co-Sign." This song is off their new album I Missed Us which is set to come out in April.


What do you think?


  1. Not sure how I feel about it yet. Initially, I think I like it. A little upset they used the word "wifey" in it, too old for that. I am 26 and it's too old for me, so it's too old for you SWV. But I like the beat, its laid back, they aren't trying to be too young. I can see me bumping it this summer with the windows down. However I don't see it being #1 on the charts. We'll see, only time will tell lol.

    1. They still got that 90's sound. But yea, I heard it on the radio like one time and that's all. I think it needs more airplay and we need all the 90's female groups to make a return!


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