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Bad Girls Club: The Twins Want to Make The New Girls Life a Living Hell & They Jump Her Again!

Episode 5: "A New Elease on Life"

"Goodmorninggggg I'm still here!," new girl Elease reminds the other bad girls in the house. "It's hard being the baddest b*tch in the house."

Elease meets up with BGC's season 7 Nastasia at a store later on and catches her up to date with all the house drama.

"They're trying to prove to you that they're gonna run you, so now you have to prove to them they're not running shit. Don't show any weakness. Let them think you're crazy, it's better for them to think you're crazy than weak. You'll do fine," Nastasia advises Elease.

The girls back home decide to keep pranking Elease. Erica pours French dressing all over Elease's items, inside her suitcase and then her and The Twins shake it up and zipper the suitcase to leave a surprise for Elease.

"Elease this isn't over, you're gonna get f*cked with one more time...we're gonna make a salad out of her suitcase," Gia said.

Elease gets home, see's the dressing all over her clothes and suitcase and with a smile she thanks them. And, she keeps sleeping in the V.I.P room all by herself because she still doesn't have a mattress.

"Go ahead do all this stuff to my suitcase...they want me to break but I'm not gonna break," Elease said.

Erica realizes Elease isn't going to fight back, she's just taking the abuse. Erica said she's getting bored and she's done bothering Elease.

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Erica and Gia decide to stop picking on Elease, saying enough is enough. But The Twins aren't done and they continue on bullying the new girl.

The Twins gang up on Elease and they all rumble again after The Twins provoke the fight.

Elease decides to continue to be nice and said she still isn't going anywhere. Erica approaches Elease and calls a truce and hopes the other girls will follow. Erica and Demetria decide to talk to Elease and the three of them pop some bottles and drink. 

"I def have to give props to the new girl just because she's going through so much right now but my guard is up...," Demetria said.

Elease gets too drunk, starts puking and has to stay in while the rest of the girls go out clubbing. 

Amy picks up a random guy at the club and brings him back to the house. After a couple of beers and mixed drinks, Amy said this guy looks like her prince charming and the two hook up. 

Afterwards Amy calls her sorta ex-boyfriend and confesses that she made out with someone else but she tells her sorta ex that she loves him. Lol.

"'s just something that happens when you're a bad girl," Amy said.

Erica talks to Gia and says she's over the Elease drama and Dani overhears their conversation. Dani is pissed because only her and Gabi are following through with the so-called plan to bully Elease out of the house.

"Erica is a flip-flopper and Gia is nothing but a follower," Dani said.

Erica and Gia suggests everyone should go out to eat with Elease, but The Twins aren't down with that, "I don't jump a b*tch then go out to eat with her."

Later on, all the bad girls go to indoor skydiving. Gabi feels a little panicked and sits the skydiving out, then Dani chickens out. One does something and the other one follows.

After, Erica takes the new girl for a ride to see what she's all about. Erica said maybe Elease isn't the problem that needs to go home, maybe someone else in the house needs to go home.

Erica wants to know why Elease doesn't say anything back when everyone picks on her, she said if The Twins start with her then she needs to continue holding her own. 

Back at the house, Gabi calls her dad and tells him about the fight with the new girl. She calls Elease a psycho who always smiles.

Erica and Elease come back to the house all buddy buddy and now Gia has a change of heart as well. She said it's stupid to continue bullying somebody.

"I already know I'm the realest one that's why b*tches they're flocking to me to be my friend because they know those two SpongeBob twins are fake as hell, they want to be real with me...," Elease said.

Gia thinks The Twins should pack up their bags and go home since they're the ones causing the drama now. But The Twins said if everyone stuck to the original plan and ganged up on Elease like they were supposed to, then Elease would be out of the house quicker. The Twins are not giving up on the mission.

The Twins however decide to go out dinner with everyone, including Elease, and Erica hopes there is no drama when they get to the restaurant.

On the ride there, Gabi calls Erica out and says everyone is being fake. Then, she tells Erica she doesn't trust her anymore. Erica tells The Twins, she's not going to pick on someone who isn't going to do something back.

Dani then says Gabi is faker than Erica. The Twins are mad that Erica and Gia don't have their backs anymore. As everyone is arguing, The Twins notice Elease listening to their conversation which pisses them off and they jump Elease AGAIN in the restaurant lobby before the girls can even sit down and eat.

Demetria storms out the restaurant and is tired of all the public displays of embarrassing fights. 

The Twins plan to f*ck Elease up as soon as they all get home. The dinner gets ruined and they all decide to take their food to go.

"I'm gonna throw my Converses on, throw my hair up, it's on and popping," Gabi said.

Elease gets home and is prepared to fight The Twins, round 2!

But when everyone gets home nothing happens. It's like The Twins forgot all the crap they were talking at the restaurant and they do nothing.

"I've been patient enough with them, the next time it's going down," Erica said. She said she's done defending The Twins and also said Elease is going to knock The Twins out one day.

Well, well, well. It looks like The Twins are left on the other side with no more backup. We'll see how things play out since they're by themselves now. These twins seem very weak and wouldn't even last in the house without each other.