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Texting & Talking While on the Toilet

When I read the recent Yahoo story "The Rise of the Toilet Texter" I thought, good I'm not the only one!

According to this article, "a recently released survey of the mobile phone habits of Americans, going where few other surveys care to go, has found that 75 percent of the populace have used their mobile devices while on the toilet. Among those aged 28 to 35, the figure is 91 percent."

How many times have you taken your phone to the bathroom with you?

Now, I don't always carry my phone to the bathroom. I do think cellphones may actually be replacing the magazines and newspapers that people tend to keep in their bathrooms to pass time while sitting on the toilet.

I go on Twitter and Facebook, I check my emails and play around with my phone; might as well do something while I'm just sitting there! 

I DO NOT however answer calls while on the toilet or continue my conversation and take my phone to the bathroom. I would be worried that the person on the other end may hear a splash every now and then and I wouldn't trust that MUTE button while on the toilet. 

You may think you hit the button, thinking you blocked out the sound but what if you didn't? And you gotta keep pressing the mute button back and forth in between talking and listening. Too much worrying for me.

Before you "eww" me...

  • I don't advise talking during toilet time, however, why not check a couple emails or texts - nobody knows where you're texting or tweeting from unless you tell them. 

  • Be careful not to drop your phone in the toilet! Especially guys, when wearing those dress shirts with the pocket and you put your phone in that pocket when you're done. Then, you lean over to flush the toilet and BOOM. Phone slides out into the toilet = dead.

  • And one more thing, some people may think this is unsanitary (toilet and texting) just don't wipe and then go right back to touching your phone. Wash those hands first!


  1. LOL! I do that too. And yes I agree. When you are done. Put your phone up somewhere sanitary THEN wipe and wash then pick up your phone! People don't know that when you flush, TEENY particles fly everywhere, including on your toothbrush! That is why I close the lid before I flush. Everything on your floor and counter can have fecal matter on it if you don't!


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