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Whitney Houston's Published Open Casket Photo is Distasteful!

People will do anything to sell a headline...

I myself post celebrity gossip but I must say I found it very distasteful for the National Enquirer to publish a photo of Whitney Houston in her open casket.

I will not be posting this picture on my blog but incase you haven't heard... somebody, some scumbag who attended Whitney's private viewing prior to her funeral last Saturday (Feb. 18) took a photo of Whitney laying in her open casket and sold it to the National Enquirer!

This somebody is obviously close to the family, or someone in Whitney's family or someone who works at the funeral home where Whitney's open viewing was at and they stooped that low.

Nobody knows who took and sold the photo.

Can you imagine how her mother must feel for her own daughter - who she is still grieving over - to be blasted on the front cover of a tabloid like this?

Like, Whitney can't even rest in peace! **Shaking my head** I have no more words.

Read the updated news on this story below:

Whitney Houston Casket Photo Fallout: Funeral Home "Very Angry" Over National Enquirer's Cover Shot