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10 Things Every Woman Needs To Throw Away

Daylight Savings Time is this Sunday (March 11) at 2 a.m. and you know what that's time to Spring ahead (and also lose an hour of partying or sleep).

With that in mind, this is the time when people rush to tone up. It's time to get that beach body back after a long winter of being hidden under sweaters and layers of clothing.

It's also the time to do some spring cleaning!

The Frisky came up with a wonderful list of things that women should get rid of to declutter their lives.

Wanna know what they are? Read on...
1. Memorabilia from a relationship that ended a decade ago. Still hoarding a disintegrating T-shirt that smells like his cologne? A binder of poems he wrote for you? A Hoobastank mixtape? You will always have your memories from past relationships — time to let go of the physical reminders.

<<<< I used to be a letter collector. I saved every single letter I've received from friends and exes since the 5th grade and stored them in boxes...pretty pathetic hunh? Well, I threw them away (except a couple of memorable ones from my friends) and now I have a lot of space underneath my bed.

2. Makeup that’s more than six months old. Cosmetics are supposed to enhance your natural beauty, not trigger a bacterial infection.

<<<< This is so true. I need to check my makeup box.
Ladies: Why are we trying to make that old mascara last when we know it's time to throw the caked up mess away?

Remove that stress and declutter your life!
3. Shoes that give you blisters every time you wear them. Seriously, it doesn’t matter how cute they are. There are tons of cute shoes in this world that won’t rip your flesh with each step. If they’re really, really beautiful, keep them on a shelf and treat them as pieces of art rather than a wearable torture device.

4. Goal weight clothing. That little section of your closet reserved for the too-small items you’ll be able to wear when you reach your goal weight? Way more depressing than motivating. Throw that stuff out, buy clothes that fit your body right now, and if you do lose weight, reward yourself with some fabulous new pieces.

5. Greeting cards from people no longer in your life. When was the last time you opened an old Hallmark card and got a warm and fuzzy feeling from the scrawled signature of someone you haven’t talked to in 5 years? Keep meaningful cards from meaningful people, and throw out the rest.

6. The dishes you bought for your college dorm room. Those lime green plastic tumblers have served you well. Time to upgrade, girlfriend.

7. The junk mail piling up on your counter. This sounds like a no-brainer, but it can be surprisingly tough to stay on top of the constant stream of catalogs, political ads, and financial statements that get delivered to your mailbox. Schedule 10 minutes to sift through the pile for any important documents and then recycle the rest. Repeat weekly as necessary.

 8. Underwear with stains and stretched-out elastic.You don’t have to wear sexy lingerie under every day, but what you wear under you clothing really does make a difference in how you look and how you feel. Underwear, bras, and socks should be clean, stretchy, comfortable, and flattering. Throw away anything that doesn’t fit that criteria.

9. Old cellphones and iPods. Not sure where or how to get rid of your electronics? Click here for info.

10. Books you  will never read again. I tend to hoard college textbooks because I think it will make me look smarter, but come on, those Psych 101 books with “Used” stickers on the spines aren’t fooling anyone. Reserve the space on your bookshelf for books that you absolutely love and plan to read again. Anything else should be given away.

via: The Frisky


Adding to their list...

  • Elaborating on #10...a great way to make some extra cash is having a book sale. I once partook in a yard sale and sold a lot of my childhood books (some I wish I didn't sell like my Goosebumps and Babysitters Club books) and I made some nice extra pocket money out of it while getting rid of clutter.

Hand-me-down books are good. Why not give your old books to a younger sibling or cousin and pass them around for your friends or family to read.

And as for college books, try selling them back to the college book stores as soon as you're done using them for that class.

The longer you wait the more likely a new edition is going to come around, which means you're stuck with the book and no extra money. Or, put up signs along campus and spread the word that you have books for sell, of course selling them cheaper than the bookstore would.
  • Instead of throwing away clothes as mentioned in #4, donate them and put them in a Goodwill box. (To find a Goodwill locater click HERE).
And also, it doesn't hurt to keep small clothes around for some motivation in hoping one day you fit into them. I have some small jeans that I'm determined to wear soon.

Can you think of anything else to help declutter your life?

Challenge yourself: Can you throw away 10 items?


  1. Haha I definitely am on the bandwagon with the makeup- i tossed them and started putting month/year on the new ones so I remember when I bought it. I am a victim of some of the other stuff though.

    1. I use mascara everyday that it doesn't sit very long lol but eye shadows and stuff like that, yea I probably have that makeup in my box from like 4 years ago lol


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