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Bad Girls Club: The Girls Go on Vacation and The Twins Form Their Alliance Again With Erica & Gia

Episode 7: Invasion of the Scavengers

Crazy Gia invites Matt back over in this weeks episode - yes, after she tried to beat him up - and he brings over all of his crew and they swarm the bad girls' house.

"Who are these losers?" Amy asked.

Some of the girls get mad when the girls order pizza's and the guys don't pay. Erica is unimpressed with Matt's friends and she said:

"...The fact that these guys came to the bad girls club house empty handed...that's a no go...these motherf*ckers are so thirsty. Why do we keep bringing stragglers home?" 

Last Weeks RecapElease Warms Up to Most of the Girls and Gets Her Revenge on The Twins

Elease told Matt's friends that everyone jumped her on her first night in the house and then she smiles about it. The guys are kinda just quite after that...awkward!

Dani heard what Elease said and reports back to Erica.

"Why would you tell people that we just met that we jumped you the next day," Erica said.

Erica said she still likes The Twins even though the things they do are annoying and she said she has alliances everywhere in the house.

Later on, the bad girls receive a message telling them to pack up their bikini's because they're going on a trip to Lake Havasu.

Some of the girls get a little tipsy off of buckets of liquor, then they head to the resort and find out they're all stuck in one room together and all sharing beds like one big happy family.

During they're first night out, Amy stays behind sleeping and the rest of the girls head out for a night of partying on the town. Erica and The Twins stare down Elease and Demetria at the club as they're dancing with random guys.

Erica said, "The rule with me when I go out is: I don't like scavengers flocking to me...this isn't the Thirsty Girls Club this is the Bad Girls Club!"

***Why does Erica get so mad at who Elease and Demetria talk to. She isn't the one talking to these guys so she needs to lay off! And, Erica's use of the word "scavenger" got on my nerves throughout the entire episode.

The Twins, Erica and Gia all team up back together to come up with a plan.

Even Demetria is like "eww" Erica
The next day, all the girls go on a boat that includes a V.I.P room, a slide and a hot tub and they also go tubing. The girls play "Never Have I Ever" and Erica reveals that she pee'd on a guy before. T.M.I Erica!

The Twins get mad on the boat when they see Demetria chilling with Elease so much and they call her a flip-flopper.

The Twins spend most of the time inside on the boat. They watch the other girls having a good time and then get mad when some of the girls bring strangers on the boat to party.

Later on, everyone goes out on the town to meet some locals. Elease, Amy and Demetria make the best with wherever they're at and they don't care who they party with, they just want to have a good time.

"Mimi and Elease are dancing with people who shouldn't be dancing with people like us," Gabi points out to the other girls.

Erica, Gabi and The Twins seem like they're not having a good time until they decide to do mean things to the other girls.

Erica said Amy is the definition of "white trash" and she leads the other girls "her little crew" into leaving Elease, Demetria and Amy behind at the bar. Not only do they leave them, but they also lock them out of the resort.

The Twins said it's good to have the dominance in the house with Gia and Erica being back on their side and now they call themselves the four baddest b*tches in the house.

Back at the bar, the rest of the bad girls realize they got left behind and Demetria is heated! 

When her, Amy and Elease head back to the resort and realize they've been locked out by the other girls, Demetria flips out and her temper comes out.

 Demetria starts yelling and banging on the door but the other girls don't open it, instead they're laughing on the other side. Demetria gets hotel management to open the door and then she busts in. Demetria, Elease and Amy want answers as to why the other girls left them, but no  one says anything.

"These girls are so cowardly that they have to try and mess with people behind their backs...," Amy said.

Demetria is mad that her "friends" left her at a bar with strangers and Erica acts like she doesn't understand why she's so angry. 

Well, Demetria is well aware of Erica's true colors now.

When the girls head back to Vegas, Gabi said her plan is to mess with Demetria. She said Demetria doesn't belong in the Bad Girls Club house. 

Elease, Amy and Demetria go out by themselves once again. While they're out, Gia and Dani go through Demetria's suitcases back at the house and they take one of Demetria's favorite chains. 

As Dani is messing around with the chain and trying it on, she breaks it by accident...or maybe it wasn't an accident. Then, she puts the chain back in Demetria's bag and pretends as if nothing happened.

Demetria said the only person she can trust is Elease and she feels like Gia, Erica and The Twins are concocting a plan against her.

When Demetria gets back home, she goes through her bags and finds her broken chain. Demetria and Elease come to the conclusion that The Twins had something to do with it, but of course The Twins don't confess to anything.

"When I find out who it is, I'm going to f*ck something of theirs up...I cannot wait to find out who did this...," Demetria warns the girls.

Dani doesn't man up and tell Demetria that she broke her chain so later on Erica admits to Demetria that she was around when the chain got broken and she confirms that she's not the person who touched it.

Uh-oh! Will Demetria find out who snapped her chain on next weeks episode?

And, I think Erica is the true flip-flopper and Gia follows behind Erica's every move. One minute she's talking to Demetria and the next minute she's plotting against her. What do you think?