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Bad Girls Club: The Twins Get Their A**es Jumped!

Episode 10: Double Trouble

The Twins never expected to be the main target in the house and they call a house meeting when they return to the house. 

"This meeting is some bullshit, you know what I have to say...'f*ck you Dani and Gabi," Gia says.

The house meeting goes nowhere and turns into a screaming match between the girls. 

Dani said she's not leaving the house until Erica is bleeding and has to go to a hospital because she wants to f*ck her up.

But will she get the chance?

"These girls can't do sh*t by themselves, they need someone to direct them," The Twins said. 

Gabi lets her sister know that they're not leaving the house like punks.

Amy decides to call up Demetria and invite her back to the bad girls house. Demetria tells the girls that she's excited to be back home and she's happy but she'll see what she can do about coming back.

Last Weeks Recap: One Bad Girl Bounces and It Becomes Four Against Two

Erica's boo boo, Chris comes to the bad girls house. The other girls leave the house to give Erica some alone time with her man. The Twins of course stay to themselves when everyone goes out. When the girls return back to the house, they hear Erica's love making noises and crack up.

The next day, Erica and Chris go bowling with Amy and Elease, but before they start he ditches Erica to go to the casino. Erica is embarrassed by the way he's acting towards her.

She starts to sense a change in her boyfriends attitude and feels like she wasted two years of her life being with him. 

Chris later decides to cut his trip short and leaves early, leaving Erica crying and begging him to stay.

"Erica your relationship isn't what it seems, you like to put it out there like it's the best and I bet it's the sh*ttiest," Dani says.

"Just because you have red bottoms doesn't mean someone loves you."

Gabi calls her father to talk about their beef with the other girls and her father says the other girls are just trying to break them.

Amy calls up Demetria again and Erica, Gia and Elease persuade Demetria to come back to the house. They later go out and Erica said she's single for the night as she flirts with a chick.

"I don't care if it's a guy or a girl, I'm partying and I'm partying hard," she said.

Demetria surprises the girls and shows up at the club. Look like it's back to five against two! 

When everyone gets home, The Twins see that Demetria is back and say, "Mimi what are you doing back here? You're weak and pathetic and you don't deserve to be here. You should just go back home."

Demetria plans an attack on the twins, saying they all need to join forces and beat them up. So the girls decide to bag up all their stuff and hide it so their clothes can be in one place just in case they get sent home after whooping the twins butts.

Gabi and Dani go out and little do they know when they get back an a** whoopin' is waiting for them. Elease is ecstatic and said she wanted to jump the both of them since day one.

While The Twins are out, the other girls take all of The Twins food and throw it in the pool. All the action happens as soon as The Twins walk in and see their food all over the floor.

They decide to add to the mess in the kitchen and throw more stuff around. Dani heads upstairs by herself and grabs the trash in the bathroom, heads in one of the other girls room where everyone is sitting at and she dumps trash in their room. Then, she throws the trashcan at Gia and the fight starts. Gia jumps off the bed and charges at Dani and the other girls (minus Amy) jump in and fight her.

***Why didn't Amy help out? She surprisingly just stood there and watched.

Elease yells out to Dani, "where's your sister now b*tch?" and the girls keep pounding on her. Still in the kitchen, Gabi hears the commotion and realizes her sister is alone with the rest of the girls. She runs upstairs to save her, but gets jumped too.

After more pounding, security breaks the fight up and The Twins are left standing out of breath, with messed up hair and bruises on their face.

"Are we done cuz I have chipotle and I need to eat it," they say.

Dani calls her father afterwards and tells him they got jumped by five girls and he tells them to fight back.

The Twins looking busted after the jumping
But they don't fight back. Instead they pack up and go to a hotel for the night to cool off. When they return to the house the next day, they have security guards right by their sides. They pack up their stuff quietly to head back home. 

As The Twins are leaving, the other girls yell out some last curse words to them to say their goodbyes. Afterwards they celebrate their victory.

And The Twins are out of there!


Bad Girls Club Special:

After the show, a special was shown with Season 2 Bad Girls Club veteran, Tanisha and The Twins in their Boston hometown. Tanisha met up with them to talk about their season and the fight on their last day in the house. 

The Twins' mom and dad also met Tanisha and they all watched the fight together. They watched their children getting beat up on TV  and the mom thought The Twins should have fought back! 

Their parents also had jokes on the other bad girls. The mom called Gia a "dirty girl" and thought Erica and Amy weren't too bright.

Dani and Gabi tell Tanisha their game plan for the Bad Girls Club reunion and said they want revenge against Erica, Gia and Amy.

We also got to see a peek at the two new replacements joining the Bad Girls Club in next weeks episode and it looks like they get an "Elease welcome."

***Tanisha Gets Married starts May 7th on Oxygen!


  1. hey gia is a bitch erica is a bitch amy is a fuck bitch elease is a fuck bitch gabi and dani jump the bad girls club

  2. Wow I bet that's fuck Ass dani and gabi u guys were bullies the whole time don't put out Wat u can't take back


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