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Basketball Wives: The New Target Becomes Kenya, She Admits to Calling Evelyn Loose

Episode 6 Recap:

Evelyn is pissed
Picking back up from last weeks episode at Shaunie's birthday dinner, Evelyn taps Jennifer on the head with her clutch purse. The two get broken up and Shaunie takes Evelyn outside the restaurant to cool down.

"My goal is to keep Jen safe because at this point I know Evelyn will hurt her," Shaunie said.

Kenya tries to offer Evelyn some advice, but Evelyn isn't trying to hear it because Kenya isn't technically in "the circle."

Evelyn's plan is to wait outside the restaurant and act like she left so she can get her hands on Jennifer, but she winds up leaving.

Is it really that serious Evelyn? 

Suzie and Jennifer meet up after all the madness to talk about Shaunie's birthday dinner gone wrong.

"You drinking a cup of courage because you wasn't talking that sh*t when you walked in there," Jennifer said about Evelyn.

Suzie thinks Jennifer and Evelyn should meet up and talk it out. Jennifer said she isn't sure if they can ever be friends again and said Evelyn crossed the line when she tried to hit her. She just wants to move forward.

Last Weeks Recap: Evelyn Pops Off on Jennifer at Shaunie's Birthday Dinner, Toasting Gone Wrong

The new circle of "besties" Suzie, Royce and Keisha meet up for dinner. Suzie said they all got close since their North Carolina trip and she fills them in on Shaunie's birthday dinner disaster and asked Royce if she can come back in the circle so she can watch.

"That would have been the moment when I grabbed my popcorn," Royce said.

Royce still isn't fond of Jennifer or Evelyn and said the behavior at Shaunie's dinner is sadly expected. 

Keisha tells them that she's meeting with Evelyn and doesn't know what to expect.

"Can you fight?" Royce asks Keisha.

"If I have to. I'm a dancer girl I can bop somebody in the head if I have to," Keisha answered.

Tami finds out that Kenya did a radio interview where the radio host clowned the rest of the Basketball Wives, saying 94 percent of them aren't even wives. She brings Evelyn along to meet up with Kenya.

Tami confronts Kenya about the interview and said she's offended that all Kenya did was laugh at the host and had nothing to say in defense of them. 

"If you wanna play the game that 'we don't have each others back' then you're gonna be the one whose sore," Tami said.

Tami tells Kenya it's their obligation to stick up for each other.

Kenya plays dumb and said, "... in the course of getting to know who I am, I think everything that I do is questionable."

Evelyn doesn't know who Kenya is and questions Kenya's flip-flopping ways since she heard Kenya was acting cool with Keisha.

Evelyn said, "... I think I'm very good at smelling bullsh*t and I think Tami is too and Kenya has us kind of like confused, we don't know what to believe and we don't know what to believe from Keisha either."

Kenya throws Keisha under the bus and calls her the liar. Tami makes it clear that she doesn't like liars. 

Later on, Evelyn meets with Keisha and things go fairly well during their conversation. Evelyn even admits to liking her and said she believes what Keisha is saying about Kenya and when everyone meets up later, she'll be in Keisha's corner.

Evelyn and Tami call a meeting to get to the bottom of things and they meet up with Suzie, Kenya and Keisha.

Keisha confronts Kenya on getting pleasure from Tami chewing her out (two episodes ago) and for being fake towards the other girls. Then both new girls call each other a liar. Kenya starts acting all hostile and gets defensive.

"You're digging your grave yourself," Keisha said to Kenya. "You are so demented, you are so sad."

Kenya does the "ultimate black move," as Tami calls it, and takes her shoes off. But, Keisha gets up not wanting to fight. Kenya says to her, "yea, b*tch you better walk away."

"You're a liar, half alien, half man looking ho," Kenya says.

Keisha decides to fight fire with fire and she lets Evelyn know that Kenya called her loose. 

Kenya doesn't deny it and tells Evelyn she doesn't remember exactly what she said.

"Honestly I think everybody's called Evelyn loose at this point, I mean I think that's kind of like a common thing," Kenya said.

So Kenya admits to what she says and Evelyn looks pissed!

Evelyn said she believes Keisha and Kenya has no loyalty to anybody. She thinks Kenya is lying and said she's not to be trusted.

Keisha said she's done with Kenya and she isn't going to acknowledge her anymore.

Well, well, well... next week Evelyn has her eyes set on a new target and she beefs with Kenya!