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Basketball Wives: Tami and Evelyn Check the New Girl Kesha, "B*tch, B*tch and More B*tch!"

Episode 4 Recap:

Suzie stops by Jennifer's new place and says she has crazy information to tell Jennifer.

She said her publicist called her about Kenya and cracked on Kenya's recent attempt to make a music video in a New York club. Supposedly Kenya's team wasn't trying to spend thousands on the club location spot and they didn't want to pay a lot for liquor so instead suggested using Kool-Aid during the video shoot.

 Jennifer calls Kenya's video attempt a little ghetto and said, "...I don't know what world Kenya is living in."

Suzie said, "Kenya's fan base is Kenya, Kenya and....Kenya."

Evelyn meets with Kesha and tells her Jennifer won't be attending her charity event.

"For me I would like to think that I can put aside any bickering for a charity event, but I've witnessed the other girls go off on each other and I saw Suzie get drunk at Royce's charity event. My National Brain Tumor Society event is not the place for that type of fighting," Kesha said.

She said if she had to choose between Evelyn and Jennifer then she wants Evelyn to be there because she doesn't feel like she has anything in common with Jennifer. 

Then, Kesha asked about Tami coming and she tells Evelyn she's bothered by Tami's past comments about her not being black enough since Kesha is half white and half black.

"Why does she have the right to even comment on what I am or what I label myself as. I recognize and identify myself as a black woman whether I look like it or not that is the way I feel and why would another black woman ever try to take that away from someone who is trying to relate to another black woman," Kesha said.

Evelyn tells Kesha to voice how she feels to Tami and tell her that because she'll respect it. Kesha said she's not sure how Tami will react when she talks to her and hopes they can have an adult conversation.

Kesha later meets up with Royce and discusses Suzie, saying she doesn't understand Suzie's drinking and being over the top, talking about sex all the time. Kesha also says she's basically done with being Kenya's friend. 

"At some point Kenya is going to realize that Royce and I were just trying to help her. She seems like the type of person that has to learn from experience so when these things go wrong, she'll learn," Kesha said.

A photo from Kenya's video shoot
Kenya shoots her music video without Royce and Kesha's help and said they backed out at the last minute and talked a bunch of crap instead of actually helping her.

Jennifer does a magazine photo shoot and an interview to discuss her Lucid cosmetics, her new cosmetic line which is a new chapter in her life and Suzie stops by to support her.

Jennifer has been selling her lip gloss online and said it will now be in retail stores soon. She later throws a party for her lip gloss launch. Out of the whole group of ladies only Suzie and Kenya show up and Suzie questions the other ladies whereabouts but Jennifer doesn't dwell on it.

"Listen this is an amazing time for me right now, the people who are important are here," Jennifer said.

Suzie said, "Kenya is taking a real liking to Jen, I feel like it's really fake because I've heard Kenya say 'Jen is really buji I don't know about her'"

Tami meets with Evelyn and the two discuss Jennifer's Lucid cosmetics launch party and Tami said she wasn't invited. Evelyn said Jennifer must be out with the old and in with the new crew. Tami said Jennifer should value her friendships and keep her real friends close.

"She's really smelling her own pee pee," Evelyn said about Jennifer.

Evelyn tells Tami that Kesha was offended by Tami's race comments. Tami said Kesha shouldn't be that sensitive, weak and said she should have talked to her about it first.

Tami said she is working on her anger management and not acting a fool so she won't say anything to Kesha during her charity event but she will bring it up later.

During the charity event, Kesha walks over to the ladies and talks to them about being on their best behavior and said to also watch Suzie. Her comments offend everyone. Then Kesha calls the ladies "Debbie Downers" and Tami and Shaunie are over it and are ready to go.

"I'm not going to be fake with her because I don't like her. But lets be clear, I'm not going to cause a scene at her f*cking event, but I don't like that she's all fake...b*tch f*ck you and the f*cking horse you rode in on b*tch with your country a**," Tami said.

Tami has enough of Kesha's comments on schooling them how to act and she leaves the event early.

The next day, Evelyn said she was 'Team Kesha' for a second until Kesha started checking them at her event. 

Later on, Tami and Evelyn meet up with Kesha, Kenya and Suzie for one last night out in New York before they head back to Florida. Evelyn wasted no time in getting straight into the Tami and Kesha issues.

Tami tells Kesha straight up that she doesn't like a b*tch to go behind her back and said Kesha should know how she gets down so she should have just talked to her first about any issues she might have had. Tami said now she doesn't want to hear what Kesha has to say and said now it's irrelevant.

Kesha said sitting around and arguing is not her thing and that's why she went to Evelyn because she didn't want to get into any confrontation with Tami.

Tami said, "And didn't that go left? Ohhh shut the f*ck up, can we move on to the next thing because it's not gonna get no better, we're not gonna agree and it's not gonna work." 

Kesha said they don't have to agree but she will still treat Tami with respect and she wants the same in return. Tami said she will treat Kesha with respect when she wants to and that she does.

Tami goes on to say b*tch this and b*tch that. Kesha asks Tami to not call her a b*tch and says don't be rude.

"B*tch, b*tch and more b*tch," Tami snapped back while Kenya sat beside Kesha cracking up at Tami going in.

"That's so sad," Kesha responded to Tami. Kesha said no one knows her just yet. 

"I've never been around a group of ladies like this one, this group is very unique and right now I'm not feeling like these are my type of people."

Tami said Kesha pushed her to a whole new level. 

Now why didn't Evelyn just let Kesha talk it out with Tami before she ran back and told Tami herself. 

And Tami said she was on a new path and will try not to set it off with people, but that didn't work out too good. Kesha is now on Tami's wrong side and it doesn't look like these two will be friends anytime soon.

Evelyn is done and gets up and leaves the dinner table along with Tami. Kenya tells Kesha that since they are new and they don't know the rest of the ladies, they should just act accordingly. 

"If they say this is how we do things, in order to deal with that person you have to do things the way that they say we have to do things," Kenya told Kesha.

Kenya feels like her and Kesha are cool again, even after she laughed in her face while she was getting checked by Tami. But, Suzie believes Kenya will keep exposing herself to a point where everyone turns on her for turning into a complete psycho.

Haven't these new girls learned by now that you can't open all the way up and talk about these "basketball wives" because the veterans obviously stick together and will go back and snitch on you.


  1. I just think Evelyn really needs somebody to come on there and give her what she's asking for a good ass beating she is not tough she only wanna fight the girls she know ain't about nothing Jennifer needs somebody to come on there with her to have her back cause she is helpless Suzie is a straight up punk and she is a trouble maker and soon her name end up in something she start crying telling them how sorry she is and how much she love them LOL if you ask me Evelyn is mad cause she has to put up with all of Chad's extra shit with all them other bitches cause if your so happy and life is going good your talking marriage and twin boys why are you so angry? It's oblivious shit really ain't going to well for her


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