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Bad Girls Club: Elease's Sister Visits the Bad Girls House, Leaving The Twins Scared

Episode 8: "Sister Act"

This week on the Bad Girls Club...

Erica confronts Dani and Gabi on having an attitude which creates huge tension between her and The Twins. 

"The Twins annoy the crap out of me cause they broke Mimi's chain and they can't even admit it, so I want to be by myself and I don't want Dani or Gabi going with me anywhere," Erica said.

Elease's sister Shneail is visiting the bad girls house and Elease can't wait for her sister to arrive. She wants Shneail to cause a scene and said now with battling The Twins it'll be two on two.

"So Elease plans on having her sister here but I'm not scared, it's not phasing me one bit and at the end of the day if you start anything with me or Dani, you are screwed," Gabi said.

Before her sister arrives, Erica, The Twins, Elease and Demetria all go out to dinner and talk about making it to the end of the whole bad girls experience. The Twins come right out and ask Elease if they think they'll fist fight again. Elease gives them a look but The Twins answer and say no, saying maybe they'll just pull Elease's weave.

The Twins discuss Shneail's arrival and seem a little scared when they say, "her sister could beat the f*ck out of us." 

When Elease picks up her sister, Shneail asks about The Twins and the bed situation. Elease says they won't have a bed to sleep in and her sister cracks up. 

Back at the house, Dani calls her father for some words of advice and says she thinks Elease and her sister plan on jumping her and Gabi. Her dad advises her to watch her back and don't get suckered to anything.

Elease tells her sister about her first night in the house and how the girls ruined her items.

"With my sister being here I feel a lot more confident because Shneail can fight. Anytime I had somebody mess with me all I had to do was call my big sister Shneail. I want Dani and Gabi to be scared straight," Elease said.

Elease's sister
Elease introduces her sister to the rest of the house and The Twins said they'll put on a front and be nice....for now.

"Shneail walks in the room and I think to myself wow did Elease fly out her sister or did she fly out her mom because that b*tch looks like 45-years-old," Dani jokes.

Erica thinks this is what The Twins deserve, to be scared of Elease's sister because they constantly picked on her.

"I'm waiting for the day when somebody else fights these b*tches so I can sit down and watch because I'm tired of it," Erica said.

As Shneail unpacks her items, Elease puts her suitcase behind a curtain and suggests they hide some things. But Shneail said no and takes everything out of her suitcase with no worries. She says if anybody touches her sh*t then they're going to have a problem.

I like her!

 All the ladies, minus Erica, go out to an all white party and feel pretty awkward when they're the only ones not wearing white.

Later on at a club Shneail and Elease spot rapper Flo Rida and singer Pleasure P and decide to go up to them and say hello.

Dani watches on and hates, saying "...I'm just saying you look like a bunch of groupies right now."

But, next thing you know The Twins are talking to Flo Rida and are saying they're twins and stuff.

When the ladies return home, Amy and Gia decide it'll be funny to rip open Demetria's curtains to her bedroom and just keep them open, which they do and then they run away.

Demetria gets pissed and said she's glad she's everybody's joke and then a shouting match happens between her and Amy.

The next day, Elease calls D.K., Pleasure P's manager and invites him and Flo Rida over for a pool party at the bad girls house.

"It's really not that big of a deal to me but I know everybody is going to start acting like silly a** groupies," Amy said.

Flo Rida and Pleasure P invade the Bad Girls house for their BBQ pool party and they bring along an entourage of people including a bunch of "groupie girls" as the bad girls call them.

Gia shows off her stripper pole skills to Flo Rida while Elease and Shneail cuddle up with Pleasure P on the couch. 

Elease said, "Pleasure P is so into me and all I know is if the girls were hating on me before they're definitely gonna hate on me now."

"I personally don't get down with flocking to celebrities, that's called a groupie..," Gia said.

Elease tells Pleasure P that her and Shneail are going to beat up The Twins and Gabi overhears this. She runs back and tells Erica like Erica is her protector.

"... Dani and Gabi want to pop more sh*t than their a** can cash and now they have to deal with it," Erica said.

Erica confronts Elease on what she said about The Twins to Pleasure P and Erica calls a house meeting to discuss the possible sneakiness going on.

The Twins have nothing to say when everyone meets together and they even said they told Erica that Shneail and Elease were joking around. 

Wow! They didn't even say that, scared much?

"I did bring my sister here to beat up The Twins but they're acting so nice to me, but if they act up again we will be fighting," Elease said.

The ladies, minus Gia and Erica, go out later to party. The Twins start trash talking and complaining about they're surroundings in the usual. 

On the limo ride back home Demetria, and The Twins talk crap about Erica and Gia and throw them under the bus. 

They reveal to Elease that Erica and Gia threw her stuff in the pool. The Twins also say Elease won't be the only replacement in the house because someone will be leaving soon.

Wow, a** kissers! They're not so tough anymore when Elease's sister around!

"Erica is confiding to these chicks and as soon she turns her back, Gabi and Dani are talking about her," Elease said to her sister.

Elease's sister leaves the bad girls house and said Elease is the strongest and will last the longest in the house.

Later, The Twins go to a tattoo shop to get matching tattoos and Erica, Gia and Amy come to watch for support but quickly leave when The Twins can't decide on what to get. Then they arrive back at the tattoo shop in the middle of The Twins getting tatt'ed.

"You claim that you're oh so bad, you're the realist girls in the house yet you're crying in pain because you have a quarter size tattoo on your ankle and you can't take it. You girls ain't about that life," Erica said.

Elease calls up Pleasure P a.k.a Marcus as she calls him, and he later shows up the house to go out on a date with Elease.

Dani continues hating and says, "He's not my type of dude, I don't find him attractive at all...when I look at Pleasure P who is not even good looking it's like I'm not jealous of you and nobody else in this house is jealous of you."

Elease tells Pleasure P that she can't trust anyone in the bad girls house and Pleasure P said that's what the music industry is like. The two cuddle up on their dinner date and afterwards they visit a candy store and Pleasure P buys all the girls in the house candy baskets.

A drunk Pleasure P and Elease return back to the bad girls house and say in the future the two are going to get married. Elease straddles him and they start making out.

Afterwards, he heads into Erica's room and starts a pillow fight with all the bad girls and gets on their good side after they weren't even feeling him.

The Twins say they need to spice things up in the house because things are getting boring and lame.

Dani said she wants to fight somebody, anybody and says "I didn't come here to make seven new friends." 

Demetria said there is a huge target on The Twins back and says to Elease, "I can feel something is going to erupt soon."

Next week: The bad girls go on another vacation and it looks like Amy beefs with The Twins! Will another bad girl be sent home soon?


  1. The twins annoy the life outta me. Their so pretty but act so miserable, I can't stand bitches like that. This season is weak sauce..for real.

  2. Erica is two faced and needs to lose weight.The twins are haters on pleasure p he bomb.The twins are fake and need to get kicked off the show. Gia ur a shadow.Elease your true and will last longer congrats hope u get married. Amy get out of people way.Demitra definition(physco) funny but true not an insult.MIMI STAY STRONG GOD BLESS

  3. let me start of by saying that the twins like bullying people but when the going gets tough they pussy out like wtf! and elease fight yer own battles yer in the bad girls club not the sisters club bitch..gia the only time yhu make drama is when yhu drink bitch yer a frk'shadow...erica love the hair yhu rock hoe..amy yhu started pshyco nd i hated yhu but now i know yer a real bad girl yhu NEVER bak down keep yer head up bitch..

  4. Erica is a fuckin nut she is two faced and she fat and outta shape and she can't fight somebody needs to go on there and beat her ass cause she don't move without Somebody behind her punkshit gia is a hoe Mimi can't fight her way out of a wet paperbag all them bitches is wack and they need some real bitches to come on there and show them how real badgirls run shit


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