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Brandy & Monica Talk Future Tour, Whitney Houston and More on '106 & Park'

 "The Boy is Mine" duo Brandy and Monica stopped by 106 & Park yesterday to debut their new video "It All Belongs To Me" while also celebrating their musical reunion where they discussed the passing of Whitney Houston, some of their future plans and they also revealed a period of when they both weren't speaking to one another.

Q - Terrance: How exciting is it for you two to be here together?

Brandy: I mean it's a blessing to be next to her (Monica) and to be on 106 & Park with her. We never did this, 106 & Park wasn't around during "The Boy is Mine" so we're happy to be here guys.

Q - Terrance: What was the first step in making this whole reunion between the two of you guys happen?

Brandy: She (Monica) had a great song and just me begging for years that we get back together (Brandy looked at Monica and said "yes") but we didn't have the right song, it wasn't the right timing and I think this was just the perfect time and our fans just kept pressuring us to get back in the studio, this is what they wanted for so long.

 Q - Rocsi: Lets talk about those years in between, you said for yearsss you were begging her (Monica) to get back together, but how often did you guys even get to hang out and really talk together between all those years?

Monica: For years we didn't.

Brandy: Yea we didn't.

Monica: We didn't have very much communication at all and then after the birth of her daughter and the birth of my older son Rocco, we started to realize we had a lot in common and that we had allowed other people and their opinions to pretty much separate us because it was definitely a time around "The Boy is Mine" era where we didn't even stay in the same room. 

Honesty is the best policy because I think there's a lesson in what I'm saying in some ways because we realized we did more together than separately. We never won Grammy's apart, we did it together. We never had the chance to reach this mass of people apart, it happened together. 

And, I hope that people realize that if they come together... I'm so sick of people divided and this lack of unity on music...I don't care if you're rappers or whatever. Uniting for this music and for the cause allows these kids to see that they're strength in numbers.

*** That should be a note to Nicki Minaj and Lil' Kim.

Terrance: I think we're all excited that you guys got back together and that we're here with you guys because time is so short and we all learned that with the loss of Whitney Houston. As members of the R&B community, how devastating is this loss for you guys?

Monica: Devastating is almost an understatement. I look back at my whole life and I think about admiring her and even before her death every night on stage I did tributes to her because I would always remind her that you are the greatest, no matter what place your life is in, it can not be taken from you what God has given you and those are the things she reminded me when I was going through my tough times. 

So you know I just look at it now like we have to do our best to be our best out here and I think it's time that people ease up on these entertainers and recognize we're human beings outside of what we do.

Brandy: She (Whitney) gave me the dream I would not sing or any of that if it wasn't for her and I just can't believe she's gone, I really can't and I don't understand and I don't I ever will. But, I can only go forward just trying to make her proud and living my purpose and living my truth and staying true to who I am.

- Monica and Brandy both went on about how Whitney Houston loved their new song "It All Belongs To Me" and how she called Monica "little Whitney" and joked how Monica stole her last run in the song and said she killed it.

Monica: She's a Jersey girl so she kept it 100 all the time and she supported us.

So what are some future plans for these ladies?

Brandy said her and Monica are here to service the fans, saying whatever the fans want them to do they're going to do it.

Brandy also revealed her and Monica are talking about a future tour. And, look out for Brandy in The Marriage Counselor movie which is coming out this summer and Monica's album New Life will be out April 10th.