Friday, March 16, 2012

Dumb Video - "Jersey Life: Ratchet Things People From Jersey Say!"

Besides all the Jersey Shore hoopla that Jersey peeps are getting associated with, now there's this video "Jersey Life: Ratchet Things People From Jersey Say!" that was posted on World Star Hip Hop about a month ago and now is getting re-posted all over.

I watched the video and made a face... like I'm from Jersey and I don't talk like that. Maybe the new generation talks like this but I don't even know what the word "aggy" means, as I heard someone say in the video. I have, however, heard these dumb phrases uttered around me and it sounds like another language.

I just want to say not everyone from Jersey fist pumps, tans, or talks in ghetto codes as shown in the video link below:

Click to watch:

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