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The Game: Melanie Receives Bad News From the Doctor, Jason's Relationship with Chardonnay is Tested

Episode 10: "A Punch in the Gut...Full of Human"

Melanie and Derwin are at the doctors office and they receive the results from her blood work. 

They're informed that the in vitro didn't take. Melanie had spotting which was an indication of a bigger problem and according to the doctor she has less than a ten percent chance of ever carrying a baby to term.

After the doctors, Derwin and Melanie discuss options and Melanie said she's done trying in vitro and getting hormone injections. Derwin brings up adoption and they start looking at pictures online.

Meanwhile, another couple - Jason and Chardonnay are cozying up together. Chardonnay lets Jason know she doesn't plan on giving up her goodies until she's comfortable in knowing what they have is real. 

"I'm Jason Pitts and this is the longest I have gone without having sex, I am a sex haver and I love having sex."

She tells Jason there are a bunch of other fun things they can do besides having sex.  

"I'll take a pass on the zipper full of blue intestines," Jason responds.

Chardonnay wants to attend Jason's 'Pitt stop party' for his sports show "The Pitts Stop" in celebrating his new and unwanted co-host Summer. But Jason calls it a work event that is a NCZ (no chick zone).

While at the party, Jason gets asked by a sports reporter: how does it feel to share his sports desk with a beautiful woman. The reporter says due to Jason and Summer's funny chemistry, they may have a hit show on their hands.

We see Jason's daughter, Brittany - the little snot as I call her - and she has an attitude (the usual now) because Jason broke his promise to her when he said he wouldn't work.

Derwin and Melanie are there and Melanie says, "She (Brittany) is so special."

"If you want her you can have her," Jason responds.

While at the party, Derwin and Melanie are on the search to adopt. They get so desperate that they even ask their pregnant waitress if she's considering other options. They mention to her how rich they are and say they'll take her baby.

The waitress calls them crazy and walks away.

Jason and Summer are asked to take some promotional pictures together. Jason keeps giving her the cold shoulder until she pays Jason a compliment. She says Jason has a really nice smile and he should use it more often. This softens him up.

Jason runs into Malik and Malik congratulates him on his comeback. Jason is unaware of what Malik is referring to and Malik says Jason dating Chardonnay was like him having a mid-life crises.

"It's good you finally came to your senses and returned from the dark side... I'm just glad you finally realized the mistake you were making with ol' girl and you're back to the old you...the one who likes white women, Malik said and referring to Summer.

Jason feels offended and says, "Listen to me you little schmuck head, I don't want Summer."

Malik pokes fun at Jason's age and says he's too old to close the deal with Summer and calls him scared. Malik decides to talk to Summer himself to show Jason how a deal is closed.

Jason walks over to Summer and Malik and breaks them up. Malik jokes to Summer about Jason's old age and Jason comes right out and says, "you know Malik is a junky right?"

Jason continues to talk to Summer alone and says he likes her, he just does't like working with her. "Nothing personal, I'm not a fan of sharing the spotlight."

Summer said she never thought she would meet someone with an ego quite as large as her own. Jason kisses her hand and Summer said she's not accustomed to having her hand kissed and calls Jason an old fashion kind of guy.

I guess in that split second Jason thought he had something to prove and he kisses Summer.

Chardonnay visits Tasha during her work break to talk about Jason. She confides in Tasha and says Jason didn't take her to his party. She feels the "I don't mix business with pleasure" talk is an excuse just because she didn't give it up yet. Now she's afraid Jason is starting to lose interest in her.

Tasha tells Chardonnay that Jason is a newly retired athlete and simply puts it as "Jason will find some other prey to pounce on."

(Lets hope Jason didn't pounce on Summer after the party.)

Tasha advises Chardonnay to stop being insecure and said professional athletes don't like insecure women as she learned from dating Rick Fox.

After Jason's party, he shows up at Chardonnay's place and she's ready to give in and give up the goodies. But now Jason is the one who is not ready and he tells Chardonnay he's not sure if what they have is going to work out.

"I've been patient, I've dealt with all the daily attitude and neck rolls...this little dance that we're doing is exhausting, maybe it's time that we cut our losses," Jason said.

Chardonnay said she's been difficult because it's a way of protecting herself, she doesn't want to get hurt. She said there will be no more attitude or neck rolling.

"And starting tonight lets just say your crotch will remain its proper color," Chardonnay tells Jason and the two fall on the bed.

When Melanie and Derwin return home from the party, Melanie tries to play cool and names all the reasons why not being pregnant is awesome. 

Derwin goes upstairs and runs Melanie bath water. He starts playing with a rubber ducky and he looks so bummed out that him and Melanie possibly can't have children and he starts to tear. 

Alone downstairs, Melanie is in fact not cool about everything and she starts crying over her fertility issues.