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Ice Cube Confirms, Another 'Friday' Is In The Works

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Ice Cube was on 106 & Park yesterday promoting his new movie 21 Jump Street. Rocsi and Terrance spoke on the rumors that have been swirling around lately, that another Friday movie is coming. 

Rocsi said everyone fell in love with the Friday franchise and asked Ice Cube if he's working on  another Friday movie with the original cast members.

A: Yea, New Line it took them a minute to give me the money to write this next Friday, so once they sign the check here it comes. Everybody is gonna be invited back. We're gonna do a funny, funny movie, we're gonna give the people what they want and that's what we're here to do.

Terrance mentioned Mike Epps, Chris Tucker, Debo and asked Ice Cube if everyone will be back for the next Friday. When asked if Chris Tucker will be apart of the next Friday installment, Ice Cube said:

A: Everybody Twitter Chris Tucker and make sure he's in this movie, we want him back, everybody just let him know how much we want him in Friday. He's done several movies but Friday  is the one, he gotta come back for his fans. I'ma write him in there and hopefully he'll do it.

Q: Terrance asked: Have you spoke to Debo? 

A: Debo's in.

Q: And what about for all the fellas, is Nia Long in?

A: Well we gotta make deals with everybody, we'll invite everybody back and see who comes.

Q: Ms. Parker? Rocsi asked:

A: After a chuckle Ice Cube said: man you pulling out side.