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'Jersey Shore' Season 5 Finale Full Recap & Pauly D's Spin-Off (Trailer)

I've slacked a lot on posting about this season of Jersey Shore and that's because I wasn't as into it as the past seasons. But, I felt the need to at least post about the finale so read below for a full recap and also watch the trailer for Pauly D's spin-off show which hits MTV soon!

The roommates toast to their last night in Seaside.

 Previously on the Jersey Shore the roomies went camping...well not all of them. Pauly and Vinny stayed back at the house and pulled off what they called "the ultimate prank."

These two peas in a pod moved everything in the shore house and switched it around - the whole living room, everyone's bed, furniture and clothes. Everything inside the house was put outside and then swapped - everything from the outside (patio furniture, etc.) was inside (minus the jacuzzi of course).

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Then, in walks the rest of the crew from their camping trip. Snooki walks in the house first and says "what is this!?"

Her and Deena thought everything was all good when they just saw the living room but when they realized their bedrooms were empty they started freaking out and JWoww thought they got robbed. 

Pauly said, "I'm more than happy with the way operation inside out went because this prank ends prank wars, there is no topping this."

But not everyone finds Pauly and Vinny's prank humorous. Mike doesn't find the prank funny and he gets pissed off, saying he doesn't like his stuff touched.

The prank had to come to an early end when a huge storm swept over the Jersey Shore. So everyone started bringing their items in from outside, except Mike who threw a b*tch fit. 

The Situation gets upset when he sees Pauly D and Vinny's latest prank.

 "I didn't bring my stuff outside and I'm not bringing it in," a stubborn Mike said. "Every shoe is brand new, they're all this isn't f*cking cool."

"Mike claims he's the biggest pranker but he's being a sore sport out of all of them...Mike can dish it but he can't freakin' take it," Pauly said.

Mike even thinks about going home since his bed is soaked and he doesn't know where to sleep. Pauly and Vinny finally give in and help Mike move his stuff back in is room.

"... Mike's nickname should be changed from the Situation to the B*tch-uation," Snooki said.

We come to find out Deena's sister Joanie is dating Mike's brother Frank. Uh-oh!

Deena said, "Oh my gosh, if they get married or something, I'm gonna be apart of Mike's family. What the hell!"

Snooki decides to forgive Mike for trying to ruin her relationship with Jionni and the two actually hang out.

Mike tells Snooki he found out awesome information about Deena's sister, saying his brother smashed and Joanie has a "special talent" ... that she "s****** and s***" - whatever that is.

Snooki says Deena will be pissed if she hears this and she advises Mike not to say anything.

Later on, everyone goes out to the club and Vinny meets a pair of lesbians. He hangs out with them like they're his new wingmen. 

"...what better challenge than a girl who doesn't like penis," he said.

Joanie strolls through the club and Snooki is the one that alerts Deena what Mike said about her sister - after she told Mike not to say anything. Deena gets pissed and said no one talks sh*t about her sister.

 When they all get home, Deena confronts Mike about the gossip on her sister. Mike lies through his teeth and says he didn't say anything to anyone. He said Snooki must of overheard a conversation he had - knowing that he told Snooki the gossip.

Vinny gets back to the house and begs Ronnie for the smush room, since that turned into his and Sammi's room.

I'm surprised at Vinny for bringing these lesbians back to the house because they looked like grenades to me. Even Ronnie says he was doing Vinny a favor by blocking the smush room. 

"Did you look at these girls, did you actually look at their faces? One looks like Matthew McConaughey," Ronnie  said. Lol!

But Vinny gets his way and the smush room and he smushes the lesbians, calling it an accomplishment. 

The next day, a huge thunderstorm sweeps over the Jersey Shore on the roomies last night.

"I don't wanna get lightening in my hair," Pauly D said.

Deena gets really scared and everyone screams when the lights go out. Pauly D screams "yeahhh buddy!" He's actually enjoying it.

Deena said, "I saw the Wizard of Oz, I don't wanna be like Dorothy swinging all over the sky with my dog and freakin' stuff..."

Despite the storm, they all head out to Karma for one last hoorah of the summer. Everyone is having a good time then Frank and Joanie come through to the club. Deena rushes over to confront Frank on talking about Joanie, but Mike tells Deena she shouldn't start any drama. So Deena decides to let it go because she wants her sister to be happy.

The Situation's brother and Deena's sister meet the roommates out at the club.

The roomies enjoy their last family dinner together. Vinny said the dinner is bitter sweet, Mike said he'll miss wine bottles thrown at him and Sammi said this was her favorite summer. 

The roomies give Sammi and Ronnie a round of applause for going the entire season without fighting. Wasn't that something different...and kind of boring, lol.

Sammi goes on a mission to get Pauly D and Vinny back. She buys a bunch of water balloons and a sling shot. 

Before Sammi, Snooki and Deena can even get their prank started, Pauly spots them on the deck. Ronnie realizes their location and locks the girls outside. The other boys join in and fill up the girls' water balloons and a water fight breaks out! 
Pauly D takes aim at the girls.

The girls launch water balloons at the boys.

 The boys win again as the girls' plan backfires and they call truths. 

On the last morning, Pauly D wakes up the roomies Pauly D style by yelling, "ohhhhh yeaaaa, wake up yeaaaaa!"

Now it's time to pack and move out! Until next season? I'm not sure if there will be another season and I would be okay with that, I'm kind of over Jersey Shore now. 
Pauly D and Vinny hug it out.

 Snooki, as usual, is the last to leave the house. She cheers to the Shore house and says, "Goodbye smush (room), goodbye STD's..."

She talks to the duck phone and promises the phone she'll be back next summer and have phone sex with boys on it. 

Snooki says goodbye to the duck phone.

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"I would definitely love to be in this house 50 years from now, I can do this forever!" Snooki said.

So is this the series finale? Should this be the end for Jersey Shore?

Season 5 is a wrap but we do however have Jersey Shore spin-offs to look forward to. Snooki and JWoww are currently filming their untitled spin-off show in Jersey City, N.J. 

But that isn't the spin-off I'm waiting for. 

I'm waiting for Pauly D's spin-off the Pauly D Project which makes its debut on March 29th at 10:30 p.m. on MTV after the premiere of an all new Punk'd.

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Camera's will document Pauly's days as a Jersey Shore party star to a world-class DJ with his best friends from his hometown right at his side when they all hit up Las Vegas. 

The series will only be 12-episodes and will also document Pauly D as he made an appearance with Britney Spears on her "Femme Fatale" tour.

To me, Pauly D was by far the funniest Jersey Shore cast member. I'm gonna miss all of his jokes and his line, "cabs are here." Hopefully he continues this humor on his own show. 

Check out the trailer of Pauly D's spin-off show below:

Will you be watching?


  1. I was able to watch the Jersey Shore finale on my computer using DISH Online. I missed it last night, was busy working at DISH. It was kind of boring but Snooki made me laugh when she was telling her goodbyes to the house, lol. Mike is a big dummy, and I don't think Jersey Shore would be returning for a 6th season. I'm fine with that since Pauly's show is coming on at the end of this month. That should hold me over for a while.


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