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Nicki Minaj Bounces Around on the 'American Idol' Stage Performing "Starships" (Video)

Nicki Minaj performs on American idol

Nicki Minaj wore a colorful bikini top during her "Starships" performance last night on American Idol. As she was dancing, Nicki had to do a quick 'tuck in the boob' motion (around the 1:43 mark) because her jugs were trying to spill out of her top. 

Host Ryan Seacrest joked with Nicki after her performance and said, "That was fun."

Nicki got over it and told Ryan she would like to come back to American Idol and said, "I was hoping maybe I could come back and be a guest judge."

She added, "JLo, can you scoot over a little bit? Let me get up in there."

Judge Jennifer Lopez responded to Nicki's comment and said, "I don't know if there's enough room for both of us."

Yeah, JLo is right...there would be too much booty on the judging panel...just kidding, lol. 

Watch Nicki's "Starships" performance below:


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