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Snooki: Preggies and Now Engaged - What Did Her Ex Say? Read On...

Nicole Polizzi - Snooki and JWoww Out and About
Snooki pictured above during her spin-off taping

Days after reports surfaced that Jersey Shore star Snooki was pregnant, People magazine now reports that her and her boyfriend Jionni, the father of the baby – so we think - are engaged!

UPDATE: Snooki Confirms Pregnancy and Engagement Rumors

Snooki was seen recently with Jwoww while filming their new spin-off show in Jersey and was reportedly sporting a huge ring.

BUT, reports of the engagement, Jionni’s paternity, and Snooki’s pregnancy in general are still unconfirmed by Snooki's people...for now.

The 'engagement' ring
According to TMZ, Snooki's boyfriend Emilio doesn’t think the world is ready for a baby Snook's and he told TMZ, "not to be rude or anything … but I hope she has a miscarriage.”

Ouch Emilio! That's harsh.

Read more HERE on how Snooki made it so Emilio keeps his mouth shut!