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Mike Epps Goes H.A.M on His Daughter (Listen Here)

It looks like Mike Epps’ 18-year-old daughter Bria decided to put her daddy issues on display when she called the cops on him after he threatened to eff her up during an argument they had on the phone. 

Now, she’s released audio from their conversation. As reported, Bria said the argument began with her father after Mike gave two of his children a shoutout on The Wendy Williams Show but neglected to mention the others, including her. 

Mike married his wife Michelle in 2006 and was acknowledging the two children they have together on the show, so Bria felt left out and also threatened to air some of their family drama to the media.

Well, Mike Epps wasn’t too happy to hear that. Listen to how he talks to his daughter in the audio clip below:

Woah a lot of hostility! Did he really call his daughter the devil?? Father/daughter counseling maybe?

Recently, TMZ caught up with Mike and asked him about his blow up. Mike said sure him and his daughter fight and have disagreements but he still loves her. 

What are your thoughts?

Read the rest on this story HERE at TMZ.


  1. yo i would have went off too if my daughter cursed me out. knock her into next week, but she learned that behavior from her mamma. he did go a little over board but that is a hurtfull feeling to have your child disrespect you. and who know how the relationship between her mom and him is. sounds like they don't get along anyway.


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