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'Super Life' Video Created by Celebs in Memory of Trayvon Martin

Chaka Khan enlisted the help of many singers, entertainers and actors to create a "Super Life" video in memory of Trayvon Martin - the 17-year-old Florida teen who was shot and killed by George Zimmerman - and the injustice surrounding his case that has garnered national attention.

In the video, the celebs are seen wearing hoodies in Trayvon's honor. Chaka Khan said the purpose of the song is, “to raise awareness in children and adults and everybody that you can’t judge a person by what he’s wearing."
“I really feel strongly about our children, period, and their safety. We’re concerned about children’s safety," she said.

Trayvon's parents were on a BET special last night and watching them talk about Trayvon brought tears to my eyes. 

I hope the proceeds of this video go to Trayvon's family.

Read the latest on this case HERE and watch the celeb tribute video below.