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America's Best Dance Crew Season 7 Premiere, "Britney Spears Challenge"

The five crews perform to Britney Spears' "I Wanna Go."
The crews opening performance
Ten new crews take over season 7 of MTV's America's Best Dance Crew . This is another season of "The Return of the Superstars" where each week, the groups will dance to different tracks from the hottest celebs in the music scene.

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On yesterday's season premiere, they incorporated Britney Spears hits into their first round of routines. The first five crews performed and at the end the judges picked four crews to advance, leaving a bottom crew who will face off with next weeks bottom crew in a do or die battle when five more new crews perform.

Season 2 bronze winners Fanny Pak who placed third to SoReal Cru and the season 2 winners Super Crew crew are back in the competition with new additions to their crew and they are looking to win this time around. They are joined by; 8 Flavahz, Mix'd Elements, Irratik and StepBoys.

The Hawaii- and LA-based crew performs to Britney Spears' "3."
Kicking off the new season was 8 Flavahz; four little girls from Los Angeles and four from Hawaii who joined together to form a dance group. 

Being that the group was split in half, the girls had to practice their dance moves with one another via webcam. 

These little girls remind me of the Iconic Boyz, the young boys from last season. 

8 Flavahz performed to Britney's hit "Three." 

Returning judges, D-Trix, Lil' Mama and JC Chasez were impressed by the girls break dancing, back flips and overall performance.

Mix'd Elements from North Hollywood are a mix of guys who bring different dance elements together; locking, tutting, break dancing, krumping and b-boying. They danced to "Till the World Ends" bringing out their inner Britney's.

A member of Mix'd Elements takes flight.

JC loved the crews enthusiasm and how their floor work was clean but said a lot of their gags were set up too predictably and advised the guys to disguise their gags more by setting up their different styles a little better.

Another all female crew Irratik, from Canada hit the stage and danced to "Hold It Against Me." While performing, two of the girls acted out the infamous Britney and Madonna kiss. JC said he hopes as the show progresses the girls show a few more layers besides the cuteness.

The Canadian crew dances to Britney Spears' "Hold It Against Me."
D-Trix said his favorite part of the ladies performance was the almost kiss scene. 

"Sometimes you just gotta go all the way if you really, really want to win, you know what I'm saying. So don't be playing with my emotions and act like it because that just makes me sad in my pants," he jokingly said.

Another stunt crew from California, StepBoys said they don't follow mainstream choreography, instead they're inspired from comedy and will do anything to entertain the audience. And anything they member went all out and dressed up as Britney Spears in a school girl outfit and pigtails - he was dubbed by the judges as the "ugliest Britney."

A member of Stepboys gets in touch with his feminine side.

StepBoys had a lot of funny moments in their performance as they danced to "If U Seek Amy." D-Trix said him and StepBoys were in the same dance crew in high school but he let them know he won't treat them any differently and advised the crew to clean up their choreography.

JC said the gags and jokes were great but their dancing is a little elementary. The team did however do a flip unto the stage to start off the performance which was a first in ABDC, as JC pointed out.

Lil' Mama said the overall performance started off really slow, "take ten seconds to be fun and games and take the rest of your performance and let them know you're not playing."
Fanny Pak dances to Britney Spears' "Womanizer."

And last but not least, returning crew Fanny Pak from California performed to "Womanizer." 

Fanny Pak said they're back with a vengeance, vengeance of the underdogs as they were called in season 2.

This group is known for bringing theater to their choreography and an entertainment value to their performances.

Lil' Mama said Fanny Pak defines originality, "we have never, ever, ever seen your style on this show before you guys came and even after you left, so welcome back."

D-Trix said, "I was a huge Fanny Pak season, I'm even a more huge fan of Fanny Pak now. "

Towards the end of the show, the bottom two groups were the two B-boy crews; StepBoys and Mix'd Elements

Mix'd Elements were singled out and told that they will have to go head to head with next weeks bottom crew.

Next week: 

Flo Rida will perform "Wild Ones" with the five brand new crews and the first elimination of the season will happen.

Watch yesterday's full show HERE.

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