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Bad Girls Club: The Girls Plot Against Camilla and She Fights Her Way Out of the House on the Season Finale

Episode 13: Go Big or Go Home

Amy starts off the show saying the girls all agree that new girl Camilla has to go. Erica is pissed that all of their mirrors are broken... the mirrors Camilla broke at the end of last weeks episode.

Erica said, "I feel like Camilla is just trying to make a point in the house...I've been there done that, that's childish. 

"Like how about you do sh*t that hasn't been done before."

Camilla said, "More than ever Camilla is here to stay. Ya'll just wish that I was a girl that ya'll can run out the house like whoever else ya'll ran else, but guess what? The more you guys hate me, the more I'm gonna do sh*t that pisses you off. I will be here until the crickets are out."

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Camilla feels like she's the baddest b*tch in the house and yells out to Erica that none of the girls are gonna push her anywhere.

Demetria is now prepared with extra weave
"Mimi you're wack a** f*ck and you're bald headed," Camilla said cracking on Demetria's weave that she pulled out.

Gia prepares for her final days in the house and she plans on keeping in contact with her Vegas boo DJ Matt and believes they can establish something beyond the show.

Meanwhile, Camilla thought that someone would try to be her friend in the house, to see the real her, but she was wrong. 

Elease says she can't wait to hit Camilla, as she counts down the hours to their departure.

*** You would think out of all the girls, Elease would be more understanding towards Camilla being that Elease was in her shoes not too long ago. 

"I can't wait to hit her, I'm going straight for the face... mouth, teeth and all," Elease said.

The five ladies go out dune bugging, leaving Camilla at home. 

Afterwards, they bond together even more during their last meal together out at a restaurant, the same restaurant where Elease was getting jumped by The Twins. Oh memories.

Realizing she's in the house by herself, Camilla calls up her friend Crystal and the two go and hang out. Meanwhile the other girls plot on how they can still get Camilla out the house with the little bit of time they have left.

When Camilla gets home, Crystal asks the other girls who put Camilla's bed in the pool. Erica gives her a quick attitude and said she's bothering them and it's none of her business.

The next day, Camilla calls up her family and they roll in the house deep.

The girls decide to be conservative towards Camilla while her family is visiting. Now they don't want any problems.

"Who brings their mother to the Bad Girls Club. Seriously Camilla?," Erica questions.

Camilla's mom backs her daughter up and says the other girls better not jump Camilla because she taught her how to handle her own. 

Later on, Erica performs her rap song live in a club along with Jazzy, the producer she met earlier on in the season. Alongside her on stage is Gia and Amy as her back up dancers. 

The girls bring Jazzy and his friends back to the house. Camilla starts talking to some of the boys and Erica calls them upstairs and away from Camilla. This starts Camilla off on a rant and she starts screaming out and cracking on Demetria's weave again.

Erica says, "Camilla is just upset because she can't fit in with anyone in the house."

Camilla believes she can handle five against one and knows the other girls are planning to attack her. 

Now, it is the night before the girls are supposed to leave and Demetria decides to move some of Camilla's furniture items out of her room. She knows this will start some mess and said she'll take a punch just to get Camilla out of the house.

And she does take a punch.

As Demetria starts touching things in Camilla's room, Camilla wastes no time getting out of bed and charging at Demetria. Elease and Amy fly over to help Demetria and all three start beating up on Camilla while security tries to separate them.

Afterwards, Camilla calls her mother and tells her to come back to the house because they tried to jump her. Her mom advises her to beat the girls up and as Camilla is talking to her mother, she spots Amy across the room. She drops the phone and flees across the room and hits Amy in the face.

The BGC producer calls up Camilla and she has to pack up and leave the house. The rest of the girls get their wishes and they taunt her as she leaves.

"I said you weren't gonna finish and you didn't," Demetria said.

"...They finally got me out of this house and it's not because they kicked me out but because I had to go...the baddest b*tch won and that's me...," Camilla said.

The next morning, the girls pack up and move on out... season 8 is a wrap!

Next week is part I of the BGC reunion and Tanisha is hosting this time! And as you can already imagine... a lot of fights are gonna break out. 

Also, the Bad Girls Club is heading to Mexico next season!

So what did you think of the season finale? Who was your favorite bad girl and who was your least favorite?