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Bad Girls Club: Two New Girls Bust in the House, One Chickens Out and Gets Beat Up

Will the new girls bring it?
Episode 11: "Bad Girl Players"

The bad girls may have gotten rid of The Victor Twins, Dani and Gabi but the season is not over and there are two new replacements coming!

"We got two new girls...this girl in the yellow shirt is posing just like Dani was...yea this girl in the yellow shirt is definitely gonna be a Dani number two...sneaky b*tch," Erica says.

Gia makes a plan and said they're going to treat the new girls just like how they treated Elease on her first day in the house as a replacement. 

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Erica believes if the new girls are smart then they'll come in on a nice note and Elease said she's happy new girls are coming to bring a challenge.

She said the two new girls have to own their keep and might have to go through the same things she had to go through just to see how much they can take before cracking.

Gia finds out her "man" Matt is being a "Twitter ho" as she calls him. 

Her, Amy and Erica go out to eat and a random guy named Jazz, introduces himself and is willing to help Erica with her rap music in a studio. 

But, under one long as Gia comes along. Looks like she'll get over Matt soon.

Meanwhile, the two new bad girls, 23 year-old Christine "The Tennessee Temptation" and 24-year-old Camilla "The Cali Cutthroat" meet up over drinks and get to know a little about one another. 

Camilla said she definitely thinks the girls are going to test them and said she's willing to do what she has to do. 

The limo pulls up at the bad girls house and in walks Christine and Camilla. Camilla walks in and right away screams all super excited, "ladiesssss, we're hereeeeeeee!!!"

Camilla (pictured in the front), Christine (pictured behind)
The other girls stay upstairs and wait for the new girls to find them. 

Erica worries that the new girls are clique'd up already and right away the new girls receive attitudes from the other five girls.

Christine asks the other ladies if they want to go out and said they all can make it a "fam night." Erica snaps back and says she has no fam in the house. 

The other girls look at Christine as ditsy...maybe because she walked in the house a little drunk as Camilla points out.

Demetria says Christine is strange and Gia calls her a dolphin - weak and defenseless. 

Christine and Camilla hang out by themselves at a club on their first night. Camilla isn't sure if her new roommate will get along with the other girls. 

Erica is over the new girls and said Christine drinks too much, she's getting too comfortable and her mouth will probably get her in trouble.

The next morning, Christine calls her sister and said she misses her family. She said she's ready to go home..already! 

Amy overhears Christine's conversation and talks to her. Amy asks her to give the Bad Girls Club a chance and stick it out just for a couple of days.

Erica, Amy and Gia head over to meet Jazz at his studio to musically link up.

Erica plays her raps for Jazz and him, Amy and Gia have the "WTF look" on their faces as they're listening to Erica's lyrics. She repeatedly raps on a track "I murdered this b*tch."

Jazz chuckles and says Erica does have swag. So she goes in the booth afterwards and records some tracks as Amy and Gia watch along. 

Point blank..Erica's raps suck! Lol.

Anyway, Gia decides that she's over "Twitter ho" Matt and unto her next piece of meat, which is Jazz. Erica finds out that one of Jazz's homeboys is Matt and she lets Gia know. 

"I never wanted two men at the same time, why can't I have both?" Gia said.

Will Gia play both sides of the fence?

Later on, Gia appreciates Matt a lot more when Jazz disrespects her and tries to get in her pants multiple times during another studio visit. Gia switches back to Matt and invites him to the house and says maybe her and Matt can establish something after the bad girls experience.

Camilla and Christine decide to make things fun on their own and they start talking sh*t about Erica and call her a hater. They draw on Erica's picture, but quickly erase it because they aren't ready for the drama just yet...they want to enjoy themselves first.

Later on, all the girls get ready to go out to the club. Christina starts to feel unsure about Camilla because she is actually talking to the other girls and she isn' Christina feels left out.

While at the club, some random girl and some other "ratchet girls" as Erica says, sits in the bad girls VIP section. Demetria asks the girl to move and when the girl doesn't..all hell breaks loose. 

Demetria gets Vodka thrown in her eye and is ready to fight. Everyone starts breaking out in a fight and throwing punches...even the new girls help out which helps them vibe a little better with the other girls.

"I'm in this to win this...ride or die no matter what...," Christine says all hyped up later on after the fight.

But Christine still has doubts, she's not sure if she's leaving or staying and she keeps thinking about her boyfriend.

Erica doesn't care if Christine goes home and tells Demetria to just let her go. Christine calls her boyfriend and decides she's outtie.

"At this point in my life and this time I'm not gonna sit here and be miserable...I just need to go home," she said.

She announces to the other girls that she doesn't feel comfortable in the house, she's homesick and she's going home.

Amy is a little sad because she looked at Christine as a Jenna replacement, someone who likes to drink and party like her.

The other girls couldn't give two sh*ts if Christine is leaving. Camilla said she's tired of being Christine's big sister and said it's not fair for people who really want to be apart of the Bad Girls Club.

So the other girls decide to help Christine leave and they help her leave bad girls style. They throw all of Christine's suitcases and clothes over the balcony and downstairs. They scream out that Christine doesn't deserve to be in the bad girls house.

Amy said, "Christine is so pathetic, it's like bad girls club history as the weakest party girl. Christine, you should've grew some balls."

"Ya'll should've just respected the fact that I wanted to leave...," Christine said as she's trying to pick up her belongings that were thrown outside.

Erica tells Christine they tried to be nice and all the girls decide to go outside while Christine is getting into the van to leave and they jump her! 

Camilla comes up with the bright idea to jump Christine and the girls start swinging at her in the van. She screams out to the other girls to stop punching her in the face and they get stopped by security. 
Bad Girls Club is not for her!

Christine is so scared and over the bad girls club experience that she leaves the rest of her items scattered around outside!

"Go hard or go home" lyrics play in the background and Christine couldn't go hard, so she went home.

Dang, that was fast! There's no point of her showing up for the reunion show.