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Rihanna's New Hair Style...Again (Photos) and 2013 World Tour Info

Rihanna Black Hair Pictures

It seems like Rihanna just dyed her hair blonde and now the 24-year-old pop star is back to jet black. 

She tweeted and posted a bunch of photos on Instagram of her new hairdo (more photos below).

"Cuz I'm black b*tch," Rihanna tweeted along with one of her photos.

And, Rihanna recently showed of the new style at a photo call in Japan, where she currently is premiering her big debut movie, Battleship.

Besides switching her hair back to black, Rihanna also shaved a portion of it off. 

She tweeted about her hair to one fan who pointed out that her hairstyle looked like one she had before: 

"I was missing she, but I aint ready to chop ha," she said.

UPDATE!!! - Rihanna recently announced that she will embark on a World Tour in 2013! It has only been a couple of months since she finished her Loud tour.

She said: "So this year we're spending out time planning to make sure it's bigger than anything we've done and something more impactful, maybe something different, so my fans can get excited about it."

[PHOTOS] Rihanna Fades BACK To Black Hair!!

Rihanna Black Hair Twitter - P 2012