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Basketball Wives: Jennifer Gets Slapped in the Face and Sues!

Nia slaps Jennifer in the face after Jennifer says, "I wish you would."
*** Episode 10 Recap after the jump

I know drama makes for good reality TV and us the viewers will never know the full truth behind any of it, but enough picking on Jennifer, like damn!

Jennifer - the woman who doesn't even like to fight and who seems like she's trying to move on and be about something shouldn't have to get threatened by other 30-something-year old women anytime she sets foot in a room with her ex bestie Evelyn. 

Now we all know when the majority of the Basketball Wives cast gets together for an outting, things never go smoothly.

Last week, Evelyn's assistant, Nia Crooks slapped Jennifer Williams in the face. Nia has now been charged with battery, could spend one year in jail and Jennifer has filed a civil lawsuit against her. 

TMZ also revealed that the producers are very upset that Jennifer has filed a lawsuit. Nia's lawyer then confirmed over the weekend that the women's contracts mention the possibility of physical fights on set, so her lawsuit supposedly has no merit. 

This week, the show picks back up with Jennifer and Nia's altercation.

We see this grown a** woman Evelyn being so extra and jumping over a table to get her hands on Jennifer herself. 

She is of course stopped by security and then explains her rage in wanting to "stun" Jennifer every time she see's her.

Evelyn goes in on attack mode and gets mad when she thinks Jennifer thinks she's better than everyone. She starts screaming and calling Jennifer out saying Jennifer was living in Nia's house so why is she acting like she's better. 

Evelyn is on a mission to beat up Jennifer
"Yeah she's a f*cking bum b*tch for slapping me in my m*thaf*ckin' face," Jennifer screams back at Evelyn. 

Nia tells Jennifer to give her her house keys back and Jennifer makes a statement that she can't even sue Nia because "she doesn't have sh*t."

"I don't see anything else but Jennifer being my target and me ripping her f*cking head off," Evelyn said.

Nia and Jen continue to fight, and things get ugly.
Nia: Evelyn's assistant/friend
Evelyn thinks Jennifer has changed because she hangs out with celebrity friends now. 

"For her to think she's better than people makes me think why have I been your friend for ten f*ckin' years," Evelyn said.

Evelyn walks out with Suzie and Kesha all cool and said she doesn't have time for the drama.

Evelyn said the situation between her and Jennifer is not over and said Jennifer better hope she doesn't see her for a long time because they have a lot of unfinished business.

Jen is out.
Poor Jen
Kesha and Suzie feel bad for Jennifer and think she didn't deserve to be slapped in the face.

Later on, Jennifer meets up with the other outcast of the group, Kenya. 

She catches Kenya up on the drama and said she's not about fighting but she will get the authorities involved. Jennifer said Nia will have to deal with the repercussions in court.

"For me I don't fight with my hands, I do what the white people do okay, that's what I do," Jennifer said laughing.

She said the whole situation is unfortunate. Kenya said her and Jennifer have similar situations and problems with the same person (Evelyn) which draws them together. I'm sure Kenya is happy to have a "friend" now.

The two later take a self-defense class together. Kenya suggests that Jennifer needs to learn how to protect herself.

After all the madness, Tami asks Evelyn if she ever see's herself friends with Jennifer again and Evelyn said a quick "no."

Later, Evelyn does a photo shoot for her book the Inner Circle which is supported by Birdman, the CEO of Cash Money, a label that backs Lil' Wayne, Drake and Nicki Minaj.

While at the photo shoot, Evelyn tells Tami about a police report that was emailed to her about Jennifer filing a misdemeanor complaint.

Evelyn puts on a body suit for her party.
Evelyn dressed in a cat suit
at her birthday party
Tami says, "To me personally I think the filing of the police report is the most ridiculous b*tch a** sh*t that someone could ever do."

"Where I come from, you take your a** whoopin' and you keep it moving."

At the end of the show, Evelyn celebrates her birthday with a day full of relaxation and surprises, capping off the night with a huge party and a white Maserati car, a birthday present from Chad.
...with a Maserati!