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Brian McKnight Is Working on an Adult Mixtape, Take a Listen to His Raunchy New Song...


Brian McKnight - the man known for his soothing slow jams - has just announced that he's putting out an adult mixtape. 

He said he's had conversations with men and women about sexual things that he wants to tackle and so has decided to release a song "If You're Ready to Learn."

In the song Brian sings, "let me show you how your pu**y works..." while playing the keyboard.

When I saw the video below I was like whaaaat!!?? Is this the same Brian McKnight that sung all those R&B love songs?? 

Listen to this raunchy song below:


Hot or Not? 
Are you feeling this song?

Brian McKnight defends this song and tweeted a response to all his critics out there:

"I was just having some fun and look what's for all those women who keep getting disappointed by their partners period it was a parody about that."
"It's funny how we listen and let our kids listen to songs about killing people and selling drugs and calling women bitches...I wrote this song crude as it may be about satisfying all women and look what happened...I'm not being defensive it's just sad to think that one parody could wipe out 25 years of work.