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Basketball Wives: Kenya Calls Evelyn "Loose" and Dodges a Wine Bottle!

Episode 7 Recap

This week picks back up with the pow wow meeting between Tami, Evelyn, Suzie and the new "b-ball wives" Kesha and Kenya.

Kenya just revealed to Evelyn that she might have called her loose.

"Honestly out of all the things that you can be called, 'loose' makes you go bananas like that? I can see if I said 'b*tch' or 'ho' or 'f*ck you' or something....'loose' c'mon now," Kenya said.

Suzie feels like nothing got accomplished during their pow wow. It also doesn't sit well with Tami that Kenya can't remember things that she said.

Evelyn starts grilling Kenya to find out if she straight out called her a 'ho' or not.

Is Kenya really crazy?
" her sick crazy mind she believes the bullsh*t that she's coming up with in her head," Evelyn said.

Kenya admits that she did hear that Evelyn is loose but when Kesha was there Kenya said she didn't say that. She clears it up and says she didn't say Evelyn is a ho but instead heard it.

"Crazy people can only pretend to act normal for so long," Suzie said.

Tami lets Kenya know things may go left for her now and advises Kenya to tell the truth. Kenya said she can't let everything out on the table because she can't remember everything she said. So now Tami thinks Evelyn may be done with Kenya all together.

Evelyn said, "Honestly I don't even give a f*ck about what was going on between Kesha and Kenya, cuz now my issue is with Kenya and wanting to know if this b*tch said that I was loose before I f*cking take blood out of this girl."

Royce meets up with an artist for her hip hop fitness video. Later on, she meets with Tami and Royce invites her, Kesha and Suzie to her debut play. 

Tami makes the stink face when she hears Suzie's name and tells Royce about Suzie's "food stamp" comment at Shaunie's birthday dinner. Tami is still pissed at Suzie and said she needs to be on pause for a little bit.

When Royce meets up with Suzie later, Suzie says she didn't mean what she said to Tami. She also tells Royce it's about time she made up with Jennifer and feels like they both grew. 

Royce said she's over Jennifer, she doesn't see the two of them becoming friends but she does decide to talk meet up with her soon.

Tami, Royce and Suzie get together later and Suzie right off the back apologizes to Tami. She said she hates hurting people that she cares about. Tami and Suzie hug it up and make up.

Jennifer and Suzie visit Kesha. Kesha said every time she meets up with Jennifer she opens up a little more. 

The girls catch Jennifer up on the recent drama and Suzie speaks about Kenya and said she wasn't trying to fight her during their pow wow. 

Jennifer said Kenya doesn't act like that around her and said she is in fact normal and not crazy like all the other girls say. Jennifer said her and Kenya are both going through a divorce and have that in common.  

Kesha told Jennifer that she has no idea how much Kenya tries to be like her and how she worships her. The girls also joke about Kenya wearing Kitten heels at her age, lol.

Even though Kenya is not liked by the other girls, Jennifer still decides to hang out with her later. Kenya meets up with "her favorite girl so far," as she calls Jennifer and believes the two of them can get close. 

Jennifer tells Kenya that she heard about the outing and Kenya believes Kesha is now just trying to start mess.

"You put a bunch of women together and it's bound to be drama," Jennifer said. 

"No one should be pointing fingers because everyone talks sh*t."

Kenya said she's been hated on before and said she's now being hated on so hard. 

But, since Kenya won't admit anything, Kesha said she'll call her friend Sakara for proof. Sakara was supposedly around when Kenya made her 'loose' comment

Evelyn wants to hear the truth about Kenya and decides to listen from another mouth.

"Her f*cking a** has a world of problems right now because I'm going to get to the bottom of this," Evelyn said.

Shaunie talks to her manager Phil (he also worked for Diddy) and tells him her daughter, Mimi has a tenth birthday coming up. She explains that her daughter is in love with the singing group Mindless Behavior and she wants them to come for her daughters birthday or have her daughter meet them backstage at one of their concerts.

Rich people can make anything happen.

While Mimi thinks she's having an ordinary cooking birthday party, in walks Mindless Behavior and Mimi breaks down crying. 

Princeton from Mindless Behavior lets Mimi know that she will be their #1 girl at the concert later and she'll also get to meet them backstage. 

Her and Shaunie attend the Scream Tour and the group brings Mimi on stage and everyone says happy birthday to her.

"I was told I was the best mom in the world..." Shaunie said.

Towards the end of the episode, Kesha wants to prove she's not a liar and she brings Sakara along to meet up with Evelyn.

Sakara basically lets Evelyn know that Kesha is telling the truth and Kenya said, Evelyn is loose, she gets around but she eventually got it together...or something like that, Sakara said.

Evelyn doesn't want to be around a fake person who has been talking crap about her and says, "it's going down."

"She's gonna hate herself being around me because I'm going to torture her every time I see her," she says.

All the girls get together at a dinner and Evelyn confronts Kenya. Kesha and Sakara also come along. Suzie says there are too many weapons in the room, pointing out all the wine bottles, and boy was she right.

Evelyn reminds Kenya what she said and things get heated when Kenya once again stays all calm and says she doesn't remember.

"If you don't like me too bad b*tch...don't smile in my motherf*ckin' face and be fake" Evelyn yells at Kenya. 

"It's f*ckin' hell from this point on b*'re wack b*tch."

"...You're gonna get two to the mothaf*ckin' dome. Tell me you said that sh*t...did you f*ckin' say it or did you not?" Evelyn continues to ask.

Evelyn who is all cool in the moment, takes her earrings off, takes a sip of her drink, gets up and charges at Kenya. 

Kenya moves back and Evelyn grabs a wine bottle and a plate and flings it towards Kenya's direction. 

Security steps in and breaks things up as Evelyn says, "why ya'll stop me all the f*ckin' time?"

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