Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Check Out These Must See Summer Movies...


The Avengers - May 4 ..... Comic book. Robert Downey Jr. Chris Hemsworth. Samuel L. Jackson. Follow-up to Thor, Capt. America and Iron Man.

The Dictator - May 16 ..... Sacha Baron Cohen. Like Borat and Bruno, but less politically correct.

Battleship - May 18 ..... Liam Neeson. Rihanna. Based on the board game (watch trailer HERE).

Men in Black III - May 25 .... Will Smith. Josh Brolin. Tommy Lee Jones. Follow-up to the other two (watch trailer HERE).


Snow White and the Huntsman - June 1 ..... Kristen Stewart. Chris Hemsworth. Charlize Theron. Another take on Snow White.

Prometheus - June 8 ..... Charlize Theron. Noomi Rapace. Michael Fassbender. Ridley Scott's "pre-quel" to Alien.

Brave - June 22 ..... Pixar's newest movie. First female hero. Huge British cast.

Madea's Witness Protection - June 29 ..... Tyler Perry is back as Madea (watch trailer HERE).


The Amazing Spiderman - July 1 .... Andrew Garfield. Emma Stone. Another Spiderman reboot, but now he's in high school.

The Dark Knight Rises - July 20 ..... Christian Bale. Tom Hardy. Gary Oldman. Anne Hathaway. Conclusion to Nolan's Batman trilogy features villians Bane and Catwoman.

Step Up Revolution - July 27 .... Another one of these.


The Bourne Legacy - August 3 ..... Jeremy Renner. New series that follows the Matt Damon Bourne movies.

Total Recall - August 3 .... Colin Farrell. Kate Beckinsale. Jessica Biel. Remake of the 1990 movie.

Sparkle - August 17 ..... Whitney Houston's last role (watch trailer HERE).

AFTER SUMMER: Look out for these movies...

Finding Nemo - September 14 .... 3D re-release

Looper - September 28 .... Bruce Willis. Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

Taken 2 - October 5

Paranormal Activity 4 - October 19

Skyfall - November 9 ..... Daniel Craig. New Bond movie

Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 - November 16 .... Robert Pattinson. Kristen Stewart. Taylor Lautner. Last in the series!

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey - December 14 .... Lord of the Rings cast returns.

The Great Gatsby - December 25 ....  Leonardo DiCaprio. Carey Mulligan. Based on the book.
***Thanks to Katie for the movie list

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