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Ron Artest a.k.a World Peace Suspended 7 NBA Games for Throwing an Elbow (Video)

Artest looked so angry when he hit Harden
Before I start this post I just wanna say I will not be calling Ron Artest 'Metta World Peace.'

Now... I watched Sundays night Lakers vs. Oklahoma City Thunder game and I was very shocked when the old bully Artest came out of him and he elbowed OKC guard James Harden in the head.

And then Artest tried to make it like it was an accident afterwards while explaining to the ref that he was celebrating his dunk.

Umm no Artest, that was no accident instead it was a cheap shot and that is why your a** got ejected from the game.

AND Harden suffered a concussion from it! Like c'mon Artest!

I thought he was over the bullying ways on the court and all that angry bullsh*t. Anger management didn't help?

Luckily this incident didn't distract the Lakers and they pulled it off Sunday night in a 114-106 victory over OKC in double overtime.

But now the NBA has suspended Artest for seven games (I already saw that coming and he is no stranger to suspensions).

The suspension will carry into the playoffs which are set to begin this Saturday (April 28th).

Although I'm a huge Lakers fan and Artest is a valuable asset to the team, I'm not on his side for this one. He deserves this suspension for his reckless behavior and maybe he'll think twice next time before throwing bows.

If you missed it, watch the video below: