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Justin Bieber Now Writes a Song For Wannabe Baby Mama

Okay I think Justin Bieber is giving this chick Mariah Yeater a little too much attention now. 

The Borat "you will never get this" Twitter message was funny, (if you missed that click HERE) but now Bieber says there is a song dedicated for Yeater on his upcoming album. Yeater is the wannabe baby mama who swore up and down Bieber was the father of her son.

According to the New York Post, Bieber was at an event in London last night previewing his upcoming abum Believe and he told reporters:

"There's a song about that girl that said she was gonna have my baby, Mariah Yeater. There are songs about things I'm going through. I wrote songs about different situations."

Believe will be released June 19th.
I bet Yeater is happy that she's getting more than five seconds of fame.