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Katy Perry Performs "Part of Me" on 'American Idol' and Gets Booed?

Katy Perry performed her latest hit "Part of Me" - deemed as "the Russell Brand revenge song" - on American Idol's live elimination show last night. Dressed in a military get-up with purple hair, Katy had an army of chicks alongside her. 

According to E! Online, the crowd booed at the performance after being misled over Katy performing live, and expecting to see the singer before their eyes. The performance was supposedly pre-recorded. Check the video out below:


  1. wow. why would you delete the video?! ive been searching this like for hours! and this is what i get?!?! FCK!

    1. Well, I posted the video from an Idol source on You Tube and THEY must have deleted it from their account.

      The video is back up now. Thanks for the heads up.


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