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Basketball Wives: Kesha Backs Down From Tami Who Takes Her Purse and the Ladies Pull a Fish Prank on Kenya

Kesha Tami Basketball Wives
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The women continue their trip in Tahiti on this weeks episode and Tami and Kesha's argument escalates to another level. Tami is pissed that Kesha has been talking behind her back and it doesn't help that Tami had a couple, couple drinks on top of that.

She confronts Kesha on telling Royce and Suzie that she was going to go off but didn't want to embarrass her anymore than she embarrassed herself.

"When Tami was going off on me, the devil was in that woman's eyes, she is one of the scariest people I've ever met, one of the saddest people I've ever met and she has no self control at all," Kesha said.

"I have no desire to fight Tami and I have no desire to be around Tami." 

Kesha denied what she said, which further pissed off Tami who called her a liar and said numerous times she doesn't respect her. Then, Tami took Kesha's purse and basically dared her to come get it.

Tami said Kesha doesn't understand the world she comes from. 

"I don't respect you and that's why I'm calling you a b*tch... any b*tch that don't wanna get it poppin' should keep their mothaf*ckin' mouth closed. That's rule number one. Scary b*tch 101."

Tami really did say 'scary b*tch 101', lol.

Suzie said, "I'm thinking Kesha might get killed on this island."

Tami said Kesha won't get her purse unless she comes to her room and get it herself. She just wanted Kesha to own up to what she said to Royce and Suzie.

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After the argument, Tami finds Kesha's cell phone in her purse and her and Evelyn go through it. They don't find anything, no texts or gossip about the other girls.

Suzie said she feels really bad for Kesha and doesn't want to see anyone go through that abuse. 

Ummmm, Suzie was the one who ran back to Tami as the middle man and told her everything Kesha said.

Shaunie tries to tell Tami that she doesn't need to keep Kesha's purse but Tami is stuck in her ways and says Kesha has to come get it and apologize before taking her purse back.

Wow oh wow, these grown women are something else.

The women head back to the hotel and continue on with their prank for Kenya. Tami pretends to be Kenya and obtains her room key. The ladies invade Kenya's room and plan on laying out smelly dead fish all around the hotel room.

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Suzie breaks off from the group to check on Kesha. Kesha said she's not talking to anyone until she gets her belongings and she finds it comical when Suzie delivers the message that Tami wants an apology. 

Suzie tells Tami that Kesha won't apologize but wants her stuff back, but Tami still says Kesha can come get it herself.

"The thing that I don't like about Kesha is she's thirty some-odd years old and she's still acting like a child. This is your purse... if you want it, come ask for it," Tami said.

Kesha goes and reports her bag missing to the cops. Suzie thinks Kesha should just bow down and say sorry to Tami to get her bag back. The she goes back to Tami's room and tells her that Kesha reported her purse missing to hotel security.

Is Suzie a freakin' reporter? Why does she feel like it's always her job to find out the facts and report everything to everybody?

"I don't take too kindly to people trying to put me in jail, especially in a foreign country," Tami said.

She goes to Kesha's room and bangs on her door. 

"... I'm not an idiot I don't want to fight this woman... I just want her to leave my bag there and go away," Kesha said.

Tami leaves and Evelyn and Shaunie talk to Kesha about finding a solution to get her stuff back. 

Tami realizes that Kesha is not going to come and ask for her purse so she decides to finally bring it to her room. 

She lets Kesha know she pulled a punk a** move by telling security on her. 

Tami said Kesha should have been thankful she picked her purse up because no one else did. 


Tami goes on to say she didn't steal her purse, Kesha walked away from it.

"I would never, ever respect you because you didn't even have the decency to come over and apologize for some sh*t that you said," Tami said.

Shaunie and Evelyn were sitting on the sidelines silent and not knowing what to expect out of Tami.

Tami leaned over closer to Kesha who was in tears on the bed and said, "The reason why I'm not gonna hit you is because you look so helpless right now. "

"You have disrespected me when it didn't even have to turn out like this. From the first day I met you I told you to talk to me and you didn't have the decency to do that.

Evelyn was really shaken up over what she was watching and said Kesha looked like a little girl that has been battered and said she never wants to see anyone like that.

Tami handed Kesha her purse, after Kesha had to ask for it one more time and then Tami left he room.

"... I can't believe in my adult life that I'm in a situation like this," Kesha said to Shaunie and Evelyn.

Evelyn started crying after Kesha went on to explain about being black and raised by a white family and trying to fit in with both races. Kesha is still not over the comments Tami made to her earlier on in the season.

She contemplates on leaving Tahiti but Shaunie and Evelyn think Kesha should stay and they hug her.

They are heavily concerned about Kesha and they talk to Tami afterwards on where Kesha is at emotionally. Tami doesn't feel any remorse and thinks Kesha should leave, she said she won't apologize either.

"This is life and not everybody is going to say sh*t the way Kesha likes it...," Tami said.

Shaunie thinks Tami should be an example. If she wants Jennifer and Evelyn to talk it out then Tami should talk it out with Kesha, but Tami wasn't trying to hear any of that.

After all the drama, the ladies go swimming with the dolphins. Tami falls back and the other ladies don't know where Kesha is. They understand both sides of Tami and Kesha, but they feel bad for Kesha because they actually like her.

While the ladies play with the dolphins, Evelyn asks the dolphin trainer for more dead fish and they continue on their prank. 

Afterwards, they place the stinky dead fish, guts and fish juice around Kenya's room.

"I really think this is just a practical joke, we're not trying to attack her...we're not trying to hurt her with the fish and squid," Suzie said.

Evelyn said she's keeping the fish secret with her as long as she can. 

Well I'm sure Kenya will find out once she watches this episode.

Towards the end, Kesha has no desire to be around people who disrespect her and she leaves the Tahiti trip.

"I've seen Tami acting like a fool when she's completely sober and if you're a grown woman and know you can't hold your alcohol, don't drink," Kesha said.

Evelyn thinks it's a good idea for Kesha to leave and says she can't really hang with their group.

Tami said she's trying to work on her anger management but sometimes she lets go. She felt bad that things went the way they went.

"I'm still working on some things and growing myself. I'm hoping she understands, I don't know," Tami said.

Kesha thinks the trip was a waste of time but it did open her eyes to see what kind of person Tami is. She said she would never put herself in a situation where she is halfway around the world with someone like that.

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Afterwards, the ladies go on a cruise but Suzie falls back and waits for Jennifer who is on her way to Tahiti. 

At the very end of the episode, Jennifer and Kenya arrive on the island and discuss what might happen during their trip. Oh boy! More drama.

I was really shaking my head at yesterday's episode... at Tami yelling and talking down to Kesha like that, it was really sad and taken a little too far. Sh*t got too real. I bet Kesha never thought she would step into a situation like Basketball Wives. 

Like, she was truly terrified of Tami and it shouldn't have to be like that. Kesha sat there like she was in trouble with her mommy, like Tami was the parent, yelling at Kesha for doing something bad. Oh my goodness!