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Beyonce Celebrates Her First Mothers Day and Posts an Open Letter to Her Mama

Beyonce is celebrating her first Mother's Day this year after giving birth to Blue Ivy back in January. Blue Ivy's grandmother, Tina Knowles opened up to US Weekly about her and Beyonce's Mother Day plans: 

"[We're] all going to be together," Tina told US Weekly. "We're excited because it's Beyonce's first Mother's Day."

Beyonce said, "I'm hoping to cook! I want to cook. My traditional soul food and maybe gumbo. That's my favorite dish!"

Beyonce also penned an open letter on her website to express how much she loves her mama Tina, check it out below:

mamamain 500x528 Beyonce Writes Letter to Highest Priestess of Creole for Mothers Day