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The Game: Tasha Tries Celibacy to Preserve Her 'Cupcake'

"Let Them Eat (Cup) Cake!"

Pookie helps Tasha through her problems

Should women learn to save their cupcake? ...or shouldn't they?

I've missed quite a few recaps of The Game, but felt the need to post something about last nights episode for two reasons: 

1) This episode showed us what The Game is like without Melanie. As posted yesterday, Tia Mowry confirmed via Twitter that she will not be apart of The Game next season. (Read more on that HERE in case you didn't hear about the news.)

So there's no more Melanie next season, unless they recast her role, but that would just suck even more.

Now continuing from last weeks episode, Melanie went to D.C. and landed an interview with John Hopkins, the school she always talked about passing on to follow Derwin to pursue his football dreams. Now Melanie is pursuing hers. She's even considering moving back to D.C. to finish her residency at John Hopkins.

Derwin mopes around during the whole episode as he tries and avoid an empty house. He passes time by without Melanie by hanging out with Malik a little more.

Derwin says, "I don't want to go back home, it's not the same since Melanie isn't there."

He asks Malik, why do girls have to be so difficult? Malik's answer, "because she's a damn woman! God put women here to make our lives more difficult so we can be stronger men homie."

Malik goes on to say, women are ratchet and he doesn't plan on getting married ever again.

"Behind every good man's downfall is a woman with a wedding ring," he said.

But Derwin credits his football success to after he married Melanie.

Nothing seems to fill the void of Melanie's absence. After constantly ignoring her phone calls, he finally gives her a call to check in on her. At the very end of the episode, Derwin overcomes his anger, calls Melanie, and asks her about the move to D.C. to see what she has in mind. Maybe he's actually considering it.

If there is no Melanie, there is no Derwin. I don't know how they are going to swing a season 6 without her character.


2) Tasha tries celibacy! She joins an all female group called The Cupcake Club to renew her celibacy. Tasha says she found the club on craigslist and during their first meeting, she talks their heads off about past flings and bad relationships.

The leader of the club said the ladies consider themselves renewed virgins. Tasha admits that she has had a struggle with sex since high school. She tells the ladies about dating Rick Fox and how she also screwed a prostitute and that's when she realizes she hit rock bottom. Tasha says she needs help.

"We feel like men need to work to get your cupcake. Desert comes last!" the leader told her.

Amen to that!

Tasha said she has been holding out on Pookie for the past two weeks and she is ready to bash her cupcake in his face. Lol.

When she returns home, Pookie is in her hotel room and he set up a romantic night; dim light, candles and a nice dinner.

Tasha finds her cupcake in danger right away. She gets a whiff of Pookie's cologne and tells him not to bathe for awhile. She asks him to turn the lights on, anything to not tempt her in wanting some.

Pookie tells her they're going to eat spaghetti for dinner.

Tasha asks, "with meatballs? How big are they?" Lol! This woman is a mess.

As Pookie is eating his spaghetti, he makes a slurping sound and Tasha stands up and says she's not hungry. So they go to the couch and watch a movie. Pookie realizes how distant Tasha is acting towards him the whole night. She creates a lie and says her stomach isn't feeling well, which is her excuse to preserve her cupcake.

After shoo'ing him away, Pookie later returns only to find himself in the middle of a Cupcake meeting with all the women. Tasha called an emergency meeting and said her cupcake is in danger while her man is in town.

Pookie intrudes in on the meeting and asks to stay after finding out they are a women empowerment group. As he listens to all the problems these women have, he offers them relationship advice.

The leader of the group says its been almost two years since she took her oath of celibacy and been in a relationship. She said she's never felt stronger, happier or more alive.

Pookie interjects and said, "or what about alone?" 

He tells her she needs to get broke off a-s-a-p and then goes on to say all the talk about men and how long they can hold out without giving up their cupcakes isn't helping at all.

One of the women said her man won't propose after two years and she's been dodging his phone calls. Pookie asks her, "why don't you propose to him yourself."

"I don't know, can I do that?" she asks the other ladies for confirmation.

Pookie tells her she's a strong, empowered woman in control and if her boyfriend says no then dump his a** and be with another man who is ready to commit.

One woman is dating a married man and Pookie said she is at fault and all the women are misplacing their anger on someone else when they should really be blaming themselves.

Then Pookie focuses on Tasha and says she's scared to opening herself up to get hurt even though she keeps jumping from one meaningless relationship to the next with men she knows she can never have a future with which is Tasha's way of being safe. 

Pookie said he's not safe because Tasha knows there is a possibility that they can actually work out and that scares her.

I thought Tasha's scenes were very good for once. She's finally getting to the root of her problem and dealing with it instead of them showing her on to the next man. And she finally found a man who helped her see her problems for what they are and he's willing to work with her! Maybe Tasha will finally find true love after all.

Now there are just two episodes left until the season finale on June 5th.