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Like Really? Serena Williams Releases a Rap Song

I was listening to The Breakfast Club this morning on Power 105.1 and just like every morning during the week around 8:04 a.m., Charlamagne, one of the hosts, gives out what is called 'Donkey of the Day'. 

Now this 'Donkey of the Day' award can be given out to any celebrity, a sports team or even a regular person... anybody who has done something wrong, stupid funny or just plain dumb.

This morning, tennis star Serena Williams was awarded 'Donkey of the Day' for her newly released song where she raps:

“I ball hard no tennis racket,
I can see these haters through my Gucci glasses,
I make hits like batting practice,
They be like ‘Yo Serena is you really rappin’?’”

I just thought there goes another athlete taking a stab at rapping, oh boy! Maybe she's dated one too many rappers, lol. But it seems as if Serena just made the rap track for fun.

Charlamagne ripped the song apart and basically thought it was horrible. He said instead of Serena rapping during the tennis off-season, maybe she should focus on other things. 

Take a listen to Serena's rap song below and sound off in the comments section. Do you think it's hot or not?

Okay so it's actually not that bad. The song sounds just like a lot of the regular music that is out there already.