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Wacky News: N.J. Man Stabs Himself In front of Police and Throws His Intestines

Scene: Wayne Carter, 43, called police to his home on Clay Street (pictured), Hackensack, then stabbed himself and threw intestines and skin at them
Pictured above: Clay St., Hackensack
 the address of where the man called from
Some wacky news for sure...

According to news reports, a 43-year-old Hackensack man stabbed himself and threw pieces of his skin and intestines at police officers after barricading himself in a room.

According to NBC News, police reported that two officers kicked in the door after receiving a call from the man that he was going to harm himself. 

When police arrived, they saw the man in a corner, holding a knife in his hand. The police ordered him to drop the knife and instead he stood up and stabbed himself in the abdomen, legs and neck.

The police had to resort to calling the Bergen County SWAT team and the man was finally restrained.

Nothing has been confirmed as to what drove this man to do this to himself. Drugs or mental illness may be the cause. He is now hospitalized and in critical condition.