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Chris Bosh's Baby Mama Applies For Food Stamps

Chris and Allison
Get the f*ck outta here is what I thought when I saw this headline floating around on the internet.

The 28-year-old power forward is currently playing in the NBA Finals with his team the Miami Heat but it looks as if he is also playing his baby mama.

Chris's ex-girlfriend, Allison Mathis is the mother of their three-year-old daughter Trinity. 

Supposedly Allison was laid off from her job as a construction company secretary and has recently applied for food stamps, according to the Miami Herald

On top of all of this, her home is reportedly near foreclosure since she is not able to keep up with the monthly mortgage.

Chris and Adrienne
Chris and Allison have been beefing for awhile now over their daughter and child support issues. Chris also forbid her to appear on VH1's hit reality show Basketball Wives.

Chris is currently married to his wife Adrienne and they recently had a baby boy.

What do you think about all of this?

The man does make a salary close to the $18 million range according to reports AND he only gives Allison $2,600 a month toward child support where he should be paying her much more.

It looks like there is more Miami Heat drama. Read HERE about Dwayne's Wade Father's Day drama with his ex-wife/baby mama. She was arrested after refusing to return the kids for hours.