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Floyd Mayweather's Treatment in Jail, Judge Denies His Request to Leave

The undefeated boxing champ Floyd Mayweather has landed himself in jail and is currently in the middle of serving a 90-day sentence for a domestic violence case.

Floyd plead not guilty last year for the charges stemmed against him for supposedly beating up the mother of his kids and perhaps threatening his son.

Now, according to various news reports, his attorney recently complained about the treatment that Floyd is receiving in jail and suggested he serve the rest of his time on house arrest but a judge dismissed that request.

In the video below, one of the deputy chief's of the Las Vegas police department points out all of the resources and food Floyd has in jail but simply refuses to use them. He also says Floyd is a "high profile" inmate who is receiving the proper protection. Watch below:


Well I guess this goes to show there is no star treatment in prison. Floyd is schedule to be released from prison on August 3, IF he maintains good behavior.