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Catching Up with the 'Jersey Shore' Castmates: Deena is Arrested, Naked Snooki Photos Leaked and is Season 6 the Last Season?

Pregnant Snooki rides a scooter
There's all sorts of reports swirling around about the Jersey Shore crew who is currently filming their sixth season at their infamous summer shore house in Seaside Heights, New Jersey.

Deena Nicole Gets Arrested in Seaside Heights
Oh, and by the way, these roomies are racking in millions for filming this season, reportedly making $40,000 to $150,000 per episode. 

The pay is different with the popularity of each cast member. Read more on that HERE.

Easy money for partying, drinking and living it up on television, hunh?

Deena was also arrested this past weekend while the crew was filming. 

She supposedly got drunk in the middle of a Sunday afternoon and was whining about missing her meatball Snooki (who obviously can't party like she used to).

Deena went to the boardwalk bar and then was arrested for disorderly conduct. The cast went to bail Deena out of jail but couldn't and then her parents had to bail her out!

Before that even happened, more craziness took place on Friday, June 8th when some of the roomies were involved in a massive brawl that supposedly left Jwoww's foot in a cast from a sprained ankle.

According to wetpaint, Jersey bargoers Justin Viterito and Devon Chicele said they were drinking at Bamboo Bar Friday night with Ronnie and Jwoww's boyfriend Roger when the brawl broke out.

Justin and Devon are saying the Jersey Shore stars started everything AND they intend to sue. But, other sources said Justin and Devon were taunting the cast all night and when they attempted to attack Pauly D, Ronnie and Roger stepped in to help defend Pauly.

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Season 6 started filming May 31st and it picks up with Snooki's pregnancy and Mike "The Situation" coming out of rehab. 

Snooki is also reportedly not living with the roomies since she is pregnant, but she is still very much apart of the upcoming season.

Snooki was also recently involved in a nude photo scandal with photos showing her naked, before she was pregnant... they were leaked this past weekend all over the internet. 

And what does Snooki think about breastfeeding? She said in a recent statement:

"It's kind of like you're a cow and you're just milking."

That sounds like something Snooki would say, lol.

I'm sure all this drama got caught on tape which we'll see in the upcoming season.

But, could this sixth season be the original cast members last season?

A new report from In Touch claims Jersey Shore is ending its run with its original cast members. Nothing yet has officially been stated about this from MTV.

“An executive producer announced that this season will be the last,” an insider reveals in the new issue of In Touch, on newsstands now. 

“She stressed to the cast that fans will remember them for this season, not the first, so they should bring their A game.” 

Look out for the spin-off show Snooki and JWoww premiering on June 21st.